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Is Vanessa Marcil a Procter and Gamble Girl Now?

How's this for a soapy twist? Vanessa Marcil's upcoming Lifetime reality showBlush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist was pitched by none other than Procter and Gamble's media arm MediaVest to promote P&G's Max Factor brand, according to Ad Age. The article goes on to talk about how aggressively P&G is moving into "branded content". Ummmm, haven't they had oh, say 70 years of success with that already with its soap operas? Remember them?


Now before we go all conspiracy theory with thoughts of this being an elaborate smokescreen  to get ABC Daytime's Most Anticipated Promotional Campaign—"The one star you thought would never be desperate enough to come back!"—in at As The World Turns as the next Chris Hughes (Hey, they've tried everyone else in the part.), it is fairly common place for P&G to sell their goods to various other networks and cable channels besides CBS.

What continues to boggle my mind though, is how P&G is so willing to throw bad money after good in going to such great lengths to revitalize its other slumping brands, but it can't spare some extra change in a cup for its daytime soap lineup! This conglomerate gave Tag— the poorly selling body spray used by a handful of straight teen boys because they think it's what gay teen boys, I'm sorry, "Metrosexual teen boys" wear—it's own record label, but my poor Marj Dusay has to change into her evening gowns in a phone booth in the middle of downtown Peapack.

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I know! Maybe rapper/producer Jermaine Dupri, who is heading up Tag Records, can do a remix to Guiding Light's oh-so snazzy theme song "Love Can Save the World"? Ooooh, is this how it feels to be a P&G exec? I just got goose pimples in places I can't talk about amongst mixed company!

Seriously, if  Procter and Gamble can afford to spend money on new copycat reality shows and record labels,  can't someone at P&G's corporate offices pick up a couch and shake out some loose change so that at least Ellen can afford to buy the cast of Guiding Light some electric heaters? It's about to be winter and I can't bear the thought of poor, little Marcy Rylan freezing her balls off! It just makes me want to fall out on the floor and cry.