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General Hospital Spoilers!

Hi guys! Blogging on the road so this will be a quick hit! Here's the Scoop!

Ric and Claudia.... finally give in to all that very hot sexual heat. According to the SPOILERS they will and guess who catches them? Johnny!


Kate really wants Patrick to spill the secret. Will he do it?

Has Dante been given a face? Some are reporting that they have cast the role, others say they're scrambling to find someone as Dante starts popping up in script soon.

Ditching work for Elizabeth again? It looks like Jason runs past Diane once again to meet his lady.

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Sweeps stuff.... shocking murder? Shocking murderer? Is Kate somehow involved?

Jason and Sam in the interrogation room together? Remember she's pinched thanks to Jerry.

Lucky to Sam..."I Love You" will she say it back? RUMORS say yes.

More Cody coming!

I mentioned Johnny solving the crime.... he'll see the rifle.

That's all for now kids. Time to hit the road to Madison for the game! GO BUCKS!