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Which Daytime Star Should Play Sarah Palin in a TV movie?

Oh Sarah Palin you wacky, wacky gal! With your jokes about seeing Russia from your back yard when asked about your views on foreign policy—I mean, because who wouldn't make an awe shucks moment out of that question right?—Republican presidential nominee John McBain, I mean McCain has basically given Tina Fey's comedic career the biggest boost it's seen since she sold the script for Means Girls.


Fey's Saturday Night Live impersonations of Palin have been the best thing about the new TV season so far. In fact, I say she should ditch that dopey 30 Rock and do a full-on sitcom called the Sarah Palin and Friends Comedy Hour. But why should daytime be left out of all the fun? Okay, that question was rhetorical. I'd love to know which daytime soap star you think should play the Soccer Mom Who Would Be Second in Command in a Lifetime movie—sponsored by P&G's Tag Records—?

My vote is uber cougar Lauren Koslow (Kate, Days of Our Lives). She knows how to wear a smart suit and turn a smart phrase....okay, so the latter might actually be a detriment, but you get where I'm going...don't you? Someone? Can I phone a friend? Drill for oil! Drill for oil!

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