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All My Children Spoilers

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Hello everyone! I hope your all having a great weekend!  Let's dig right in to this weeks spoilers.


Adam v. Fusion:  The Silver Bullet files a lawsuit against Fusion for the tainted perfume.   Kendall discovers it was Adam behind the tainted bottles and is dumbfounded when her own mother sticks up for the guy!  Don't forget Erica starts to have true feelings for Adam, and Krystal will be eyeing him as well. 

Greenlee/Aidan/Ryan:  Aidan feels Greenlee's wrath when she finds out her own husband bugged her.  Once again Greenlee finds herself with Ryan, who is only too happy to help his ex-wife.  Ryan finds his lips touching Greenlee's, yes they kiss!  I am sure all of you Rylee fans will be elated! For the rest of us, let us know when it's over.

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JR/Babe:  Babe and JR decide that they would be much happier elsewhere, like California.  As we discussed before, the future for these two is not pretty. 

Colby/Pete/Adam:  Colby listens to a blubbering Pete about his plan with Adam and Bella.  Will Colby be able to keep it a secret? Dear old daddy warns Colby what will happen to Pete if she does.

Miscellaneous:  Zach plays Annie to get information.  Annie swears she is being stalked. Jesse finds he is not able to run from his past. I am seeing it will be a past relationship.  Ryan gives Kendall marriage advice. 

Coming soon
:  A tornado hits the citizens of Pine Valley physically and emotionally.  People die and other's come to term with their relationships.  Bianca returns with a new lover.  Dr. David Hayward is back!  Erica takes off the gloves and has it out with Carmen over Jack.