BREAKING NEWS: Ex-OLTL Star Cast as Jesse's Baby Mama on AMC

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Soap Opera Digest Online
is reporting that Laura Koffman (ex-Cassie Carpenter, One Life to Live) has been cast as Rebecca, the woman Jesse (Darnell Williams) was getting busy with while he was presumed dead for all those years, and the mother of his daughter Natalia.


This bit of casting news has me scratching my head, since Koffman is largely associated with the role of Dorian Carrington, er Lord's daughter Cassie on OLTL. You would think ABC would want her back on that show with the Cramers vs. the Buchanans going full steam ahead. Rebecca will hit Pine Valley on Oct. 28. Soon after Robin Strasser will cross over to buy up shares of the hospital and force Angie (Debbie Morgan) out, clad in some rocking shoulder pads. Okay, I made that last part up!