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Days of Our Lives Spoilers


Secrets and lies abound this week on Days of Our Lives.  Melanie is hiding something, Sami is hiding a big something (but really, not for much longer) and Theo is just hiding in general.  What else is in store?  Grab a cuppa and settle in for this week's Preview from Denial Island (October 6 - 10).


What’s up with Nick?  This week, in an uncharacteristic move, Nick gets himself arrested for DUI.  He’s feeling guilty about something too – a fact that doesn’t escape Chelsea’s notice when she visits him in jail (whoo! Chelsea’s visiting Nick in jail!).   So what is Nick feeling guilty about?  Trent’s death.  Did he kill Trent?  Unlikely, but we know he had an encounter with him before he died.  The bruised knuckles and guilty expression were a bit of a giveaway.  Plus we all know Nick is a lover, not a fighter.

Melanie drops some evidence in Trent’s murder.   That wallet she lifted from Pimp Daddy Trent drops our of her bag in front of Philly K (Philip).  Later, somehow, this wallet makes its way into Stephanie’s purse, which Max later finds. Melanie recounts her version of events from the night Trent died (expect more flashbacks), but her innocent act doesn’t convince Bo.  It’s not convincing me either.

Max wont have a good week.  Not only does he have to continually play big brother to Melanie (maybe he’s beginning to see why Trent kept her in France), he’s also going have his room searched by the Salem PD, and be thrown in jail when they find the bloody t-shirt.  Never fear Max fans, his incarceration wont be for long.

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The pregnancy saga continues. Sami is still deciding whether to tell EJ about the baby.  After spending the night at the Horton cabin with Lucas (they share a bed, but nothing happens until morning  - Sami kisses Lucas thinking he’s EJ then yells at him for it), the two continue to talk about what Sami should do.   Lucas thinks she should tell EJ and soon – she is starting to show!  Let's not forget that Stefano lives at DiMansion and he sees everything...

How long can EJ stay clueless?  Not for much longer thank goodness.  **Nicole Alert**  Only Nicole reveals her pregnancy news this week – and Sami overhears.  Nicole is waiting for a sign from EJ, but when she doesn't get what she wants (ie. EJ to choose her), she shies away from telling him about her pregnancy.  She goes to talk to newest BFF Jawn, who basically gives her an ultimatum – tell him or he will.  Bet she wasn’t expecting that lol.

Jawn has his own problems to deal with though.  Those pesky headaches are getting worse, Stefano is still not leaving DiMansion and now Blondie (Marlena) is pressuring him to see a doctor or she’s getting a divorce.   Nothing like a bit of reverse psychology, but will it work?  Jawn tries his own reverse psychology and distracts Marlena with one of his signature smooches.  Aww.  I've missed those (not).  Unfortunately for Jawn, nephew EJ weighs in on the debate (this is long after the kiss, don't worry) and tells Jawn he’s being selfish. I say, mind your own business EJ, you’ve got your own problems (even if you don’t know it yet).

Kate has her biopsy.
  But the results take longer than she expects and she becomes frustrated with the waiting.  Good thing she has Doctor Dan by her side to distract her, except of course when he and Chelsea have a little chat in which she tells him to move on.  Yeah… move on to Kate!  If these two do get together, he's going to have his hands full with Kate - this week she ignores his advice to stay in the hospital and checks herself out.

Abe, Lexie and Theo
.  Abe decides he will run for Mayor (he might not have to run for it actually, but more about that next week), which sounds good to me! In the midst of this, little Theo goes missing and makes Abe and Lexie frantic.  Theo wanders off from his babysitter, who gets the blame for his disappearance.  Luckily for them, the little guy is found at the hospital, where he has wandered to go see Chelsea! 

The Burning Questions:

I heard Melanie and Steph get into a biatch fight – is that true?

Well.... technically the spoiler says they take it to the mat, so read into that what you will.  I hope it's a biatch fight and Steph takes Melanie down!  Pull that hair girlfriend!

Has Chloe gone for good?

No, she'll be back on our screens next week.  World's shortest career in the Kansas City Midwest Opera, or maybe she just missed the cabin with it's outdoor shower.

Will EJ pick Nicole or Sami?

I wish I knew.  I know what I want to happen – have you say in this poll.

Not Mentioned in Spoilers This Week:

Steve, Hope, Victor and Caroline – but I’m sure they’ll be around somewhere.  Caroline finally makes bail, so she'll probably be holed up at the Brady Pub catching up on the backlog of Chowder orders.