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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Not impressed by much today. Let’s hope things improve tomorrow.

Johnny’s a really bad crier. I kept thinking he was just playing his father with that whole thing, and I refuse to believe that he would know a Russian rifle from a Canadian one! Although I did appreciate him throwing Anthony to the floor and walking out.

Jason/Sonny: What is wrong with that man? I’m not even a Jason fan, yet I feel the need to defend him. Jason has done everything Sonny has ever asked and all he’s doing is asking for time to find out who’s really behind the shooting, yet somehow that’s betrayal to Sonny. He was behaving like such a baby. UGH. And again, if he wants Karpov dead, why isn’t he doing the job himself? Why does he need to be back in the organization to do it?

Claudia/Ric: Some hot stuff going on there, but I wasn’t in love with the weird camera angles or the fact that they did it on the couch for Johnny to walk in on. Why couldn’t it be something sweet in a bed? I did like that Ric gave her a chance to back out and she didn’t.

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Olivia, if you don’t want anyone to know the truth about Dante, maybe you shouldn’t go on and on and on about him being Sonny’s son while the door is wide open for everyone and their father to hear.

Nadine’s fall down the stairs was one of the worst pratfalls I’ve seen. Apparently, she tripped on air.

Why would Sonny believe a word that’s coming out of Anthony’s mouth? He thinks Karpov did it, yet Karpov claims innocence. Yet Anthony’s seeks him out in the hospital chapel and that doesn’t throw up a red flag? Please. There’s stupid and there’s Sonny.

Where the heck are Alexis and Maxie?