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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.06.08


I'm back but exhausted. Road trips are fun but you pay for them in the end.  It's going to be a quickie again!

Vincent Pastore hits General Hospital this week. My dad is a HUGE Sopranos fan, maybe he'll tune in! LOL! Everyone covers for Max. Carly almost blows it and Maximus wants to know why his son's bodyguard dresses that way.

Where's Matt been? He's almost killed, revealed to be a Drake and then nothing. WTH? SPOILERS say we should be seeing him again as Nadine wants him to remember the night of the fire.

Sonny in bed with the Z's? And I'm not talking just about Claudia. Jason refuses to put a hit out on Karpov so Sonny turns to Anthony to help him handle the Russian. Why can't Sonny kill him himself? Why can't Max or Milo take care of things? Plot point perhaps? RUMORS are swirling that the MOC talk MAY have been a bit premature but surely ZaCrazy isn't going to take care of Karpov for free. What's the cost? RUMORS say Anthony wants Sonny to reveal Jason's weakness. Will he betray Jason? RUMORS say that someone is a casualty of Sonny's betrayal. Jason puts Cody on Sonny... to watch him.

Bumpy roads ahead? I would imagine so if your wedding prompts a mob attack and the aftermath is the reveal of a secret child you kept from your fiance. Will Kate and Sonny be together in the end? Why did Kate keep the secret? RUMORS say we'll learn her reasons.

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Elizabeth wants to know why Jason won't give the biz back. Sonny's not right, that's why. Liason at the studio. Jason hurts his ankle.


I mentioned Johnny solving the crime... will Claudia as well? It looks like the Z's have some smart cookies in the family. RUMORS say Johnny takes his information to Jason and Claudia goes to Sonny with her's. Will this bring Sonny and Jason back together?

CRAZY RUMOR.... and is it a re-do? We've been hearing about this coffin during Sweeps. Is it empty? Is it another faked death? Will Jason fill Elizabeth in this time?

Is Coleman Patrick's BFF? SPOILERS say Patrick is talking about the secret he's been told and Coleman figures out that Sonny has a secret son. Will the bartender be the Best Man? That's a RUMOR out there and it SHOULD be Maxie as the Maid of Honor.

RANDOM RUMORS... Kate asks Carly to talk Sonny out of killing Karpov. She fails, so does Alexis. Romance for Luke and Laura? Sonny screaming at Elizabeth? RUMORS of a shirtless Jason. Nadine goes snooping, again. Olivia MAY be moving in to help take care of Kate. Tracey finds Luke.


In the directors seat? Kimberly McCullough MAY have a new job with SOAPnet. Will she be a director on an original SOAPnet program?