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Random DAYS Thoughts


Friday's episode - 10.03.08

By far the best episode of the week! 

Kate/Daniel:  Oh there is definitely something going on between these two and I'm liking it!  Now I know that this is not a good thing for the Dansea (Chelsea and Daniel) fans, but I think after all the protestations about just being friends (and I do think they were that to begin with), the two may just be falling for each other now.  I really enjoyed how protective Philip was of Kate.  It's like the tables have been turned - Philip is just as protective of her as she is of her children.  I have to agree with Philip though, don't they have any other doctors at University Hospital?  Why does Daniel get to consult on all these cases?  Philip is starting to remind me of Victor 2.0 and Kate 2.0!  Really good family moments between Kate, Philip and Lucas.


Sami/EJ:  Well... that fight was a bit unconvincing.  I don't think EJ bought it either really, I think he knew she was keeping something from him but couldn't figure out what.  Why else would he keep asking her why she was at the hospital for fainting after she ranted and raved like a fishwife at him.  Sami better stop pushing EJ away - it's pretty obvious she's scared of her feelings for him - because if she doesn't... he will choose Nicole, even if she is only second best.

Nicole/Jawn:  Nicole seems to be finally getting a clue about where she fits into EJ's life (it's about time really), but I do think she's wrong when she said she doesn't think EJ will love their baby - does she really think that little of him?  You only have to look at EJ's interactions with Allie, and they're not even blood-related (currently lol).  I thought it was interesting that Jawn mentioned Stefano to Nicole, and his possessiveness over his grandchildren - there was something in the way he looked at her when he said it - I've just got this feeling Jawn might be cooking up a plan to use Nicole and her unborn child against Stefano.  The more I watched the following scenes between them, the more convinced I became - I think Jawn is scheming Nicole and she doesn't even realise it.  She thinks he's being nice!!  I imagine that Jawn will do something similar to Sami once he discovers her pregnancy also.  Also, what was with Jawn asking Nicole for relationship advice?  What makes him think she'll be able to help lol? I'd be asking Sami since Marlena is her mother... on second thought, her track record isn't anything to be proud of either.

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EJ/Stefano:  Hmm... I'm not sure I'd be taking love advice from Stefano (this is the man who thinks love=obsession/control), but I can't disagree with him when he called out EJ on his feelings for Sami.  It's so obvious he's in love with her too.  Someone please just bang their heads together!!  It was a nice father/son chat though - I wasn't expecting it considering how much Stefano has been going on about betrayal, and making his sons pay etc.


Sami/Lucas:  More friendship scenes, although why Lucas has suddenly decided he wants to help Sami and be her friend is beyond me.  As long as that's all it is, I'll be happy.  It is still weirding me out that Sami is talking to Lucas about her relationship problems with EJ.  Lucas hates EJ... or he did...

Philip/Chloe/Morgan:  So Chloe is off to the Kansas City Midwest Opera company - I wonder for how long?  Dang.... this is just one less female actress in the younger-age range that's onscreen at the moment.  Morgan was pretty understanding of Phloe (Philip and Chloe) kissing... she even thinks Philip is a good guy - even though she caught him cheating on her (the fact that she had already decided to leave for Chicago is besides the point).  What a way to wrap up an exit storyline lol.


The Round-Up

Definitely the best episode for the week for me.  I'm now interested to see if my hunch about Jawn playing Nicole pans out.  I want to see more of Daniel and Kate.  I'm actually looking forward to watching the coming week's episodes *shock*!