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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Port Charles should bottle it’s water and sell it to all the hospitals of the world. Seriously, that stuff has magical healing powers. How else can they explain Dr. Annoying nearly dying from third degree burns on his legs, two weeks ago, to suddenly be up, around and working with only the use of a cane. Yikes, people.

Why would Anthony be Sonny’s only answer (in both Anthony and Sonny’s minds)? If Jason won’t give back the toy, uh, I mean, organization, than why wouldn’t Sonny go to one of the five families that they’ve been dealing with for years, to help him deal with Karpov. Why does Anthony think that he’s Sonny’s only answer? Why hasn’t Sonny thought of this, instead of possibly mulling over Anthony’s suggestion? Why is this such a mess to the point where my head hurts thinking up more ingenious and effective solutions?

I like Liz giving Nikolas the proverbial smack upside the head, but I must take offence to the whole, “Nadine just had the best night of her life” schtick. Let’s dial that down a notch, since maybe Nik was only so-so!! I would also like Nik/Nadine better if it was more misunderstanding and less wacky hijinx. Also, I like Nadine, but enough with the “Aunt Raylene” talk. I doubt that it’s possible for that woman to have a saying for every situation that Nadine finds herself in. We get it, she’s wacky, let’s move on.

Sorry Skate fans, but I hated their scene. I knew Kate would rationalize everything and enable him, again. Although I think she got a good dose of reality from Diane.

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Am I the only one surprised that Diane didn’t raise an eyebrow at the fact that Kate used to be Connie from the block. Or is she just assuming that Olivia is Kate’s cousin and doesn’t know about the name change yet?

Hated Johnny and his attack on both Ric and Claudia. That boy needs anger management classes.