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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.07.08


RUMORS of a traitor within the Morgan Organization. It wouldn't be the first time someone close to Jason was playing for the other team. Some SPECULATED it was Cody who was the traitor. What if it's Bernie?

Jerry and Alexis and more of this Jerm mess... I can't wait for this to all end. I wasn't against JLex but now, I am. Is there anyway for Jerry to be redeemed? He'll still protect Alexis and talk Karpov out of killing the D.A. Remember, Alexis catches Jerm in the hot tub.  Peace offering? RUMORS say Jerry goes to Alexis with information on Karpov. Will Sam fill Lucky in on what happened with Jerry? She MIGHT. There are RUMORS that he finds out at the PCPD. IF you are a JLex fan, I am hearing there are some good scenes for them before it all goes downhill.

Some of you were happy yesterday when I backed off the MOC RUMORS. There are a few THEORIES on how this COULD play out. One is that when Claudia takes her information to Sonny, the plan is worked out to work Anthony over from the inside. Another is that Sonny and Jason team up to take ZaCrazy down and there MAY be a fake death in the near future. One more THEORY? This one says that Sonny considers marrying the mafia princess but he's not the only one who considers making Claudia their bride.

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Elizabeth calls Jason and asks him to meet her at the studio. She tells him she needs his help and when Jason arrives he learns she wants him to help her paint the studio. SPOILERS say they look at pictures of their son and don't forget, Jason takes a spill and hurts his ankle.


What's up with Loco Lulu?Julie Marie Berman is offscreen because she is honeymooning. Johnny SHOULD be asking someone to check on Lulu as he won't go see her himself. Maxie and Spinelli both pay her a visit at Shadybrook. Maxie goes to Johnny and asks him to go see Lulu. RUMORS say Johnny learns that Lulu had a breakdown and when he goes to see her, she's gone.

Sweeps filming has begun. Another big bang? RUMORS say we MAY be getting more special effects.

RANDOM RUMORS... Jerry tries to kill Sam. Johnny goes after Ric. Claudia knocks her brother out. Johnny wants Ric to go against Anthony. Jerry drugs Nadine. Sonny goes looking for Karpov. Olivia meet ZaCrazy. Sonny has an ultimatum for Jason. Jason considers making a move against his former partner and friend. Claudia gets some time with Maximus.