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Jesse Lee Soffer Stars on CSI: Miami

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Check out this clip from last night's CSI: Miami featuring Jesse Lee Soffer(Will Munson).

Jesse isn't the only former As the World Turns star on CSI: Miami this season. On October 13th you will be able to see Mark Collier(Mike Kasnoff #2) on the show. Mark wrote a message about his experience working on CSI: Miami on his official website

I had a great time working on CSI: Miami. When I got there one of the actors told me what a good experience I was about to have working on the show. That statement turned out to be 100% accurate! I enjoyed everyone I worked with both actors and crew a like; their professionalism, talent and willingness to embrace my work made my time there truly exceptional! I hope you will all tune in. Enjoy the episode!

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