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Rachel Melvin Blogs About Politics

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Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Brady, Days of Our Lives) recently posted on her Official Blog.  In it, Rachel writes about how work has been slower for her than she'd like, how she's started writing a novel and her recent interest in the upcoming Presidential election.


We are the generation of the future, and people take of advantage of us because so many disregard politics thinking it doesn't concern or won't affect them. Even though politics are tricky and sneaky, they become sneakier when they know they have people not paying attention. It becomes easier for them to get away with more when and if our heads our turned. This is the reason so many actors and artists use their platforms to urge you to vote, because sadly, more of the younger generation(s) pay more attention to MTV than CNN. I was admittedly one of them. But I am telling you now, I wish I hadn't been. It is extremely important to vote and be a part of this nation's future and present. So if you haven't already registered, please DO IT NOW before it's too late.

Rachel also thanks all of the Daniel and Chelsea (Dansea) fans for their support of the couple.

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