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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Love anything and everything Mac and Robin. I love both actors and find them very convincing together. I love their easiness together and they’re just so darn cute. I want more of them and less other garbage.

And speaking of garbage, there’s Max’s father. Really, Max Senior is supposed to be this giant gangster, yet no one ever questioned Max Junior having the same name as this giant gangster and whether or not they were related. Then, I’m supposed to believe that Max Senior has apparently never picked up a newspaper because if he had, I’m sure somewhere in there would be a reference to the Port Charles Organization being run by Sonny Corinthos and/or Jason Morgan and not Max Giambetti Junior. Five minutes in and I’m already annoyed by this story. Where’s my Ric/Claudia or Maxie?

Another thing that annoyed me today, was Jax’s behaviour. Stop flirting with Carly if you really want a divorce. Stop telling her what she should or shouldn’t be feeling and stop telling her what she can or can’t do with her half of the hotel. It’s a bad day, when I’m forced to defend Carly.

Nadine’s the third one on my hit list today. I was annoyed with her scene with Nikolas, because again, it’s like she’s lost some brain cells and can’t put a sentence together. Then she had a decent scene with Dr. Annoying, who actually wasn’t that annoying today. Then she goes and stupidly breaks into Jerry’s apartment and gets herself caught because she didn’t learn her lesson with Sasha on the Russian boat. Gah.

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Lucky/Sam: Cute, but making out on someone else’s couch, especially when that someone else is your ex is just ick.

So, she asked him point blank why he won’t give the organization back to Sonny and his excuse was something about Sonny destroying it because he’s not thinking clearly. I’m thinking, so what if Sonny destroys it. Wouldn’t everyone’s problems be solved then? Clearly he’ll never pick her over Sonny or the business, so if she continues to pursue him, then I might have to think about revoking my “I like Liz” card.