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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.08.08


Typical Guza Sweeps? There's the "flash forward" to the coffin and then back in time to tell the tale. RUMORS of an explosion and some special effects. Now the word on the street is the explosion turns into a fire that lasts a better part of the beginning of Sweeps. What else is Guza been known for in his Sweeps stunts? Pairing up people that are not normally paired up.

CRAZY RUMOR of the Day... is Elizabeth snatched? Anyone remember those OLD RUMORS of Elizabeth being kidnapped? The LATEST to come across my screen is that Sonny has Elizabeth grabbed as a little payback on Jason. Salt Boulder, go find one.

Dead Jerry Jacks? RUMORS are saying that Sebastain Roche has been released from his contract. Is he the RUMORED death? These RUMORS go on to say that Jerry loses it and he is killed. Those OLD RUMORS of Sam's rape are popping back up. This time it's Jerry attacking her and someone coming in and killing him.

LuSam Fans... sex scenes, coming. "I love you's," coming. Moving in together, coming.

Robin and Kate... RUMORS have the ladies sharing the screen as Robin wants Kate to help Sonny stay out of the mob. Kate has a question for Robin. Would you keep a child a secret from someone like Sonny?

Johnny and Lulu... they will break up and it's for her own well being. Will we see a stronger Lulu? Hopefully! Scenes with her dad coming up and her mom! When will they reunite? They shouldn't be apart for too long. I've heard they're back together by December.

Robert will be on General Hospital.
He will be at his daughter's wedding.


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Dante: He's coming and we're waiting on casting news. Look for Sonny and Olivia's son to appear towards the end of Sweeps.

Vito: Olivia's brother. RUMORS had him coming to Port Chuck. I haven't seen those is awhile.

Liason: We're getting more scenes and they won't all be angsty. IF THE RUMORS are TRUE, we SHOULD get a bigger pay off during Sweeps.

Guza: As far as I know, Sweeps is his deadline. We will see what happens.

Michael: The plan SHOULD be to wake him out of that coma. No word on when that MAY happen. There's alot going on with the secret son and the mobtastic Sweeps. IF Michael is awakened, I wouldn't start looking for it until February, maybe even May Sweeps. EARLY RUMORS said Michael would be SORAS'd. I would ASSUME that is still half true as RUMORS had Dylan Cash POSSIBLY coming back. Again, this is a we will see scenario and like I said I ASSUME we won't see anything until February or May as Sonny will have his hands full with the latest son.


RUMBLINGS that Vincent Pastore will be back in February.

Scrubs wedding... goes from wacky to serious as the date they've picked is Oct 29th.

Olivia wants Dante to stay put. He's a grown man though and he doesn't have to listen to his mom or his dad if he doesn't want to.

Laura back on the 23rd?