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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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Jared and Natalie should reunite. Will it be smooth sailing for the couple? Rumors have them embarking on a new adventure of the nine month variety. However, Natalie still has to get out of the damned room. What role does Viki and Cain's return play in this? Does someone play on Tina's conscience? Do Bo and Viki get their heads together and realize that something is way off? Viki is not a dumb character and she really should figure it out soon.


Jessica / Tess will head into St. Anne's. While at St. Anne's, she will make friends with someone new. Is it Brody? Maybe. Brody, however, has lots of issues stemming from his PTSD. Brody and Bo will bond as war vets, what does this mean for Rex? While at St. Anne's, Jessica will follow a trail of clues leading to the whereabouts of Allison Perkins, who may or may not be awake and watching her. What happened to Allison's secrets? Will they still see the light of day? RUMOR has it that there is another copy of this DVD out there. Are one of these DVDs the way Shane is the first person to learn the truth about Rex's father, while he is still angry? RUMOR is he will keep it to himself for some time and begin to torment Rex and others with "poison pen" letters. This will be part of the buildup to the resurrected, larger storyline of "secrets" going into the new year.

Get ready for a fight ..... or a punch anyway. Gigi lands one on Adriana. What does Bitchy Bangs do? As we already know she keeps Gigi away from the hospital room, but does she go another step further? Roxy and Adriana get bad news on Rex's condition ....

Viki will help provide capital for Charlie and Carlotta's plans to revamp the diner
as a combination of classic Vega cooking and "Bon Jour Cafe" country style. Moe and Noelle will come to town. When the diner is almost rebuilt around the holidays, Viki and Charlie will find themselves enjoying old memories and new happiness, but they are unaware of what awaits them and their family in the new year.

After Vanessa's schemes put Langston at risk, Ray is forced to flee the country. Dorian and Langston vow to find him, but BE/CE is even more endangered than ever. Clint is forced to turn to Jared and Natalie when his scheme with Ray blows up in his face. Is Ray the murderer? Is Vanessa? Did Lola do it? Who cares ..... it happened in Columbia. Will Dorian's plans with Jackie backfire in her face when the wrong person gets the bullet? Get your boulders out, according to various people at ABC someone gets shot during sweeps and it effects the Cramers. Most online buzz has the bets matched evenly between Addie and Todd. My pick? It's Addie. Does she make it to Thanksgiving?

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What about Clint? He supposedly turns to Jared and Natalie .... does he turn on Nora? Or does he propose marriage? As we have learned from GH, a wife doesn't testify against her husband ...... is this Clint's solution to keeping Nora quiet? He is very angry about Nora bringing Ray in for questioning. How do the rest of the Buchanans react when they arrive .... we've heard Cord is coming, what about Joey and Kevin? What about Dallas? Is she working for the enemy? Online rumors have her working for Carlo, then again they also have Ray working for Carlo. Is Carlo even involved? Is Carlo the one behind all of this or is this just wishful thinking for cohesive writing by fans?

Kamar de los Reyes had a radio interview a few weeks back and said that Antonio would get a promotion and that it would cause problems for him and Talia, but NYE seems to look good for them. Antonio and Talia ring in the New Year at UltraViolet with Puddle of Mudd.


Marty / Todd : What happens to them? This much is clear. Todd throws off his wedding ring from Blair and proposes to Marty. Marty accepts and is eager to begin her new life with Todd. Todd succeeds in stealing Starr's baby and brings him/her home to Marty. After this, things go crazy. Rumblings are everywhere that Blair arrives at Todd's with a gun and demands Starr's child. Does Blair shoot Todd? Does Marty? Does Marty shoot Blair? Does anyone get shot or does John arrive in time to calm the scene down? Does Marty remember? New rumors have Marty not remembering a thing until after the hoopla is over. Either way this goes down, don't expect it to be the end, sooner or later Marty should get her revenge. In the mean time, as John works closer to Marty, he gets the goods on Janet ....... who is she? She has a 20 year old connection to Llanview. I know who I think she could be, but she died onscreen however, that hasn't stopped writers before. Who do you think she is?