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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.09.08


Is Elizabeth being nabbed? RUMORS yesterday said Sonny would kidnap the mother of two to prove a point to Jason. The LATEST? A RUMOR just hit that Max and Milo take care of Elizabeth as a thank you to Jason. MY THEORY? Well IF the napping RUMORS are true, Max and Milo won't hurt Elizabeth as they owe Jason big time.

Why do they owe Jason? He pulls through for the Giambatti brothers and plays enforcer. Hurricane Carly almost blows Max's cover.

I'm a fan of Nadine's. I love Claire Coffee. What I'm not a fan of, is the overuse of Nadine's quirk. Memo to TPTB, pull back a bit on Nadine. There is more coming for the wacky nurse. She's in trouble with a capital T as Jerry drugs her! What about Nikolas? Well he's making his deal with Carly and he'll get a little reminder that it's no fun to love and lose.

Will Sonny be honest with Kate? SPOILERS say he'll tell her he needs to go back to the biz. More RUMORS say he goes to work for ZaCrazy.

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Maxie to the rescue. She enlists the Jackal's help and gets the latest issue of Crimson on the stands. Another message sent to Sonny? SPOILERS say that Spixie must hide as two Russian baddies come to the Crimson offices and mess the place up.


C-Section Delivery? Remember there is some drama going down when Robin delivers her daughter. Scrubs SHOULD be picking October 29th as their wedding date and my SPOILER faithful also know that date is when Baby Scrubs is scheduled to arrive. The drama surrounding the birth? RUMORS say Robin chooses the C-Section but something happens and she ends up in a coma. The baby is RUMORED to be A-OK and Patrick must deal with being a father while Robin's life is on the line. Some have compared it to Elizabeth's delivery. Will the fake meds play into this? According to RUMORS, they will. It MAY be the fake drugs that have Robin comatose. These RUMORS go onto say that Elizabeth fills Jason in on what Sam and Lucky have been up to. Those RUMORED JaSam scenes? They MAY happen around this time when Jason goes to Sam to find out what the hell is going on.

Is it Mr. Craig that dies? RUMORS say that Sebastian Roche is done at General Hospital and it will be his character that dies. But will it be the endearing Jerry Jacks or the evil Mr. Craig who bites it? It looks like IF this happens, it's Mr. Craig finally getting what he has coming to him.


Caution to my readers... there are a lot of RUMBLINGS out there about people being let go. Please take them all with a grain of salt. When there is some sort of confirmation we will let you know.

Liason... they carry on in secret. Were yesterday's scenes an eye opener for Elizabeth? All along it's been about safety now Elizabeth knows Jason doesn't feel he deserves happiness. Elizabeth calls Jason to the studio again, she shows him a picture of Jake and fills him on on their son. Jason and Jake reunited? RUMORS say its coming.