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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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First off thanks for the support everyone has shown. I just want everyone to remember that 1). these are spoilers and rumors and always subject to change without notice and 2). I don't have as much practice as Regan does, but I thank her for her assists :)


Let's start with Tina. Andrea Evans has a very strange contract with OLTL. She seems to have the ability to come and go at will. It must be a nice deal, so I don't think we are going to see the end of Tina for a long time.

Speaking of Tina...... she'll be attacking Cain and Cain will retaliate by dognapping David Vickers. Is it just me or does Tina do more for the damned dog then her actual kids? RUMORS have her grabbing some dynamite to finish off Cain once and for all. Is this what gets Jared and Natalie out of the basement? Does the secret room actually cave in on them? Is this why we kept being hit with anvils over our heads that the contractor work was shoddy? How does Jared get into the basement anyway? RUMORS have him trying to call Viki from the secret room but the cell phone dies.

Where is Tess anyway? She kidnaps Bree and goes on the lam for a day or two. Viki and Bo discuss Jess / Tess. Is there yet another alter? Get your boulders out, as if Tess was not bad enough ..... there are Internet RUMORS of a Bess personality. Does Niki appear? Maybe it will take Niki to get through to Tess and have Jessica reappear.

The Columbia Crew

Langston prepares to leave as Dorian prepares to remove Ray Montez from the situation. RUMORS have it that there is a huge confrontation at the airport.

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The players should be Dorian, Langston, Ray, Addie, Blair, Starr, Markko, Cole, Antonio, Talia, Sarah, Lola, Vanessa and Cristian.

Does Dorian see "Mel"? RUMORS have it that Dorian will have another episode like she did in the church after Viki's near death and then try to call off Jackie. Is she too late? Ray and Vanessa should come face to face. How do Lola and Vanessa get to stay in the US? Fans are speculating that maybe Vanessa and Cristian are one of the two RUMORED weddings happening on OLTL. The other? Clint and Nora. Is it a marriage of convenience? Does Nora forgive Clint? Nora and Renee go on a bender. Does Renee give Nora some advice on how to deal with the "New Asa"?

Is Addie shot? Is it Starr? Does anyone get shot? Has ABC just been putting out red herrings to stir up interest in the soap? Well, one thing the scribes at OLTL need to remember is that we do not want to see the same thing day in and day out. We want to see action and drama.

There is plenty of drama now in ReGi land. Remember I told you yesterday that Gigi plants one on Adriana? Well, she does so in reaction to Adriana's taunts that she has had Rex moved somewhere that Gigi will never find him. Where is Rex? He's at LaBoulie. He stays in his coma until, and here should come the salt shakers, Marcie sneaks Gigi in and she declares his love for him. Why does she need to be snuck in? She's the mother of his son. Shane should have rights to see him.

We have posted that Tea is returning. Why? Supposedly to help Todd out of the legal jam that he has been placed in. He has basically held an amnesiac hostage and has kidnapped his grandchild. (Rumors are it's a girl).


How long is Tea staying? Depends on who you ask. Also depends on what kind of punishment Todd gets. Who else deserves punishment? Janet! As some readers of yesterdays spoilers figured out, it looks like Janet is going to be the long dead Lee Halpern / Carol Dennison. Why did she help Lee Ramsey? Todd? Is she related to Marty? How does John figure this out since the police are usually the last to know? What happens to Marty? There are new rumors out that say she only gets part of her memory back and is inundated with everyone trying to tell her how she should think and feel.

What about Blair and John? Things should continue to be drawn out and complicated there as John can't seem to figure out who he wants. What about Blair? She thought Marty long dead and now she is back in her face. What happens to the baby? Can Marty step in and try to reverse Cole's agreement to the adoption? Will she try?