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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.10.08


I mentioned Claudia being clued in on who shot Kate. RUMORS say it's Ric who fills in his bed partner but will Claudia first go to Jason and tell him that she's certain it's not Karpov who pulled the trigger? Jason has a word of advice for Claudia, get your brother in line.

LuSam fans.... I believe today is your table sex.

Liason back in hiding? It looks like Elizabeth gets what she wants. We'll have the two meeting in secret a few times. Is Jason finally getting his priorities straight? First he blows past Diane, twice, to go meet Elizabeth and now the word is that Carly comes to his office needing to talk. He tells her he's too busy but after Carly leaves, Elizabeth calls and Jason isn't too busy to go meet her.

Sonny and Jason... Sonny makes a move and Jason once again turns his former boss down.

Nikolas and Nadine... out on a date? SPOILERS say the Prince invites Nadine out on a proper date.

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Kate turns to Carly? It looks like the fashionista goes to her arch enemy with a request. Kate and Olivia will continue to butt heads over Sonny and the secret.

Jerry and Alexis... they break-up. She's SUPPOSED to walk in on him and Sam. Lucky goes to bat for his girlfriend and fills Alexis on on the investigation. Diane cautions Alexis about taking on a battle with Sam. This is where we SHOULD see Mr. Craig re-emerge. After Alexis ends things and refuses to hear his excuses, Jerry returns to his roots. He'll set up Sam and continues to work with Karpov. More JLex scenes after the break-up? According to RUMORS, Alexis knows Jerry set Sam up and she tells him to fix it. Jerry tells Alexis "no can do" as this was his way of keeping Alexis alive.

Will Alexis take on Karpov?
Will Jerry be able to stop Karpov when she does? These RUMORS say that Jerry doesn't do anything to stop Karpov when he says it's time to deal with the DA once and for all. But will this be how Jerry dies? Will Jerry at first agree to kill Alexis only to warn her later? ONE THEORY is that when Karpov makes his attempt on Alexis' life, it's Jerry who winds up with the bullet in him.


Sebastian Roche... still no official confirmation on his exit. It appears though that Jerry's time in Port Charles MAY end during the middle of Sweeps. As I mentioned, Sebastian has some other projects and according to INTERNET GOSSIP, he wanted more of a solid story for Jerry. A few people have been asking what this means for Alexis and her portrayer Nancy Lee Grahn? In the recent past there was some talk that Nancy had asked to be released from her contract. She had some other things she wanted to explore. According to this GOSSIP, she asked, TPTB said no.

RANDOM RUMORS... Jason and Sam both missing? After an explosion it looks like the former flames are both MIA. RUMORS say they're not missing together. Liz asks Lucky to help find Jason. Maxie and Spinelli bust Lulu out of Shadybrook. Finding Luke lands Tracy in trouble. Sonny tells ZaCrazy Jason has a son.


CRAZY CASTING RUMOR... and it's not the first time I've seen it so I'm putting it out there. RUMORS say that David Lago (ex-Raul, The Young and the Restless) MAY be who TPTB tapped to come in and play Sonny's son.