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Primetime Spoiler Round-Up

Love Spoilers? Love Primetime TV? If you've noticed we drop some Primetime related news for our Daytime Confidential readers, especially those soapy Primetime shows like One Tree Hill and 90210. So in my Spoileriffic ways, I decided to do a little Primetime Spoiler Round-Up.


90210: Annie mentioned her old boyfriend back in Kansas. The LATEST? The boyfriend will pop up in the zip code and I'm hearing he's a HOT one. His first scene should have him coming out of the pool so you all know what that means? Hot and shirtless. Annie will have another visitor, sort of. The brother her dad fathered with Naomi's mom is said to be coming. RUMORS say the parents who adopted him died in a car crash. Are Dixon and Annie ready for a new sibling? Adrianna survives her overdose and like any good child star, she takes a turn in rehab. Will it work? Maybe the love of a good man will help her out as Adrianna gets a love interest soon. It looks like the Prince of Porn might be getting the key to Adrianna's heart. Good! That boy needs his own storyline. Love Silver? I do I do! She's a wild one with no adult supervision. Remember Kelly left her all alone in her quest to recconnect with Dylan. Hmmm... no adult, wild child? I smell a party! Hot for Teacher? RUMORS start hitting the West Beverly campus that Mr. Matthews is having a relationship with the new kid in school. Behind the Scenes: 90210 is getting a little Gilmore Girls action. A former writer from Gilmore Girls is now a writer for 9-0 and a producer from the CW hit is also taking a chair in the writer's room.

Bones: Not necessarily a Primetime Soap but it's still a good one to check out and with Bones off the air until November, you have plenty of time to catch up. Booth's brother is coming to the Jeffersonian and he'll be played by Brendan Fehr (Roswell). RUMORS have Brennan hooking up with Booth's bro. Angela had a girlfriend? We'll meet her. Zach will be back and Brennan's dad gets a job in the lab!

Dirty Sexy Money: Dirty Sexy Goodness is what I say! It's obvious right? I really don't need to tell you guys that Simon can not be trusted do I?

GREEK: I know we have a few DC posters that watch what I call a way for me to re-live my college days minus the whole greek system part. A new hottie hitting campus? RUMORS say a jock comes to Cyprus Rhodes and it's a battle of the frats for his membership. Rusty and Cappie, speed daters? Jen K. returns and interrupts Rusty's date, she's their waitress! Casey Cartwright, super snoop?  Hey it's election time and Casey needs some ammo against Frannie. A HUGE episode is coming. The biggest yet according to the show's creator and it will shake things up for Casey and Company.

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One Tree Hill: Good news fans! It looks like One Tree Hill will get a seventh season. The jump ahead four years format seems to have worked. Lucas has a book signing coming up and Mouth returns. Who else is coming back? Anyone remember Gigi? Mouth's co-host and one-time girlfriend? She's back as an intern at the TV station. Lucas Scott, screenwriter? Maybe, as a hollywood producer wants to make his book into a movie. Drama? Of course! RUMORS say Peyton hooked up with Mr. Producer-man when she was living in Cali.


Grey's Anatomy: I wasn't all that impressed with "the flood." Were any of you? But our fearless leader Luke just brought up a great point. The Chief seems a little careless with his quest to move up in the rankings. Has Richard slipped in his duties enough to let a new Chief slide right in? Callie and Erica go on a date. McDreamy finds more of Alice's personal belongings. A new intern is coming and she MAY be involved in Callie and Erica's storyline.

Gossip Girl: Don't miss the kid's trip to Yale. It's a doozy as Serena and Blair get into a fight. Vanessa blackmails Blair? Remember, Vanessa has the photos of Blair's last boyfriend doing his stepmother. Will Blair call upon Chuck to get Vanessa off her back? Jenny and Nate kiss. Both Van der Woodsen's are getting new flames. Eric and Serena both get new boyfriends. Serena's latest conquest is an artsy type and guess who attends a gallery opening showcasing some of his work? Yep, Dan! If you're a fan of the book series, Serena's boyfriend is Aaron Rose. Will this be a love triangle? More like a square as RUMORS say Dan starts dating Aaron's ex-girlfriend. Aaron's dad also appears. InStyle covers a party that Lily throws which only means one thing... something happens at the party! Jenny wants out of school and into to the fashion world. Will she become an emancipated minor? Vanessa and an older man?


Do you like the Primetime Spoiler Round-Up? Obviously we can't cover all the Primetime Shows but if this is a hit, I'll try to mix it up a bit! Give us your feedback!