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SOAPnet Sneak Peek!

It's that time again ABC Soap Fans... this week's SOAPnet Sneak Peek!


On General Hospital:

On a lighter note, we are so excited because Luke (Anthony Geary) is coming back! Tracy (Jane Elliot) manages to track down her absent ex to Mexico where, shockingly, Luke is in trouble with the law. Tracy thinks she's coming to the rescue, but she only makes Luke's law troubles worse AND gets herself thrown in the klink at the same time. Tracy. Mexican prison. Think about it.

Sonny tells Jason, do what I say or I'll play on ZaCrazy's team.

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On One Life to Live:

Tess (Bree Williamson) ... meet fan covered in doo-doo. Because it's all coming crashing down next week. Jared (John Brotherton) knows she's Tess and has found Natalie (Melissa Archer), Tina's (Andrea Evans) armed with a knife, and Viki's (Erika Slezak) back! Yes, Viki's back from her goodwill tour in Africa (I know ... only Viki would do that), and no one can smell an alternate personality better than the grand mistress of them all. When Bo (Robert S. Woods) goes to Viki and confesses his Tess suspicions, all roads converge for Tess to get busted. Except for Tina. She's too busy dealing with drama from Cain and David Vickers (the dog) to be bothered with all this.

Is Starr going into Labor?

On All My Children:

Anyway, Aidan (Aiden Turner) has had it with Ryan (Cameron Mathison) and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig). He called them out on their obvious love for each other, and really is at the breaking point. It's a place Annie (Melissa Claire Egan), Ryan's estranged wife, reached a long time ago. Aidan apparently starts drinking the crazy juice that Annie's been chugging because he ends up pulling a gun on Ryan! And when the tornadoes hit ... well, that's when a life-or-death decision comes into play.

Nothing be the same again in Pine Valley! Bianca returns! All My Children enters the world of CGI.