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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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More clues arise regarding Trent’s killer this week on Days of Our Lives.  Have you figured out who the killer is yet?  I can’t be bothered.  Are you ready for more Sami/EJ/Nicole baby craziness?  Me neither.  In other news, more Abe/Lexie coming up, as well as Daniel and Kate!  Here’s this week's Preview from Denial Island (Oct 13 - 17).


Let’s get the Trent/killer spoilers over with.  Oh my gosh.  Lots of pimping out of Melanie this week and not in the evil Trent way.  If you don’t like her, you’ll be FF'ing a lot.  Steph thinks Melanie planted Trent’s wallet on her – I’m guessing she thinks Melanie’s trying to deflect attention from herself, leading her to the obvious conclusion that Melanie is Trent's killer.  Philip has a more direct approach – he asks Melanie straight out if she killed her father.  Later, Nick tells Melanie she’s not the reason for his drinking and they share a passionate kiss (ew). Finally, Melanie admits she may just have been the one to kill Trent.  Ho hum.

In the meantime, Max wants to know why Stephanie has Trent’s wallet.  Once they clear that up, the two of them search said wallet for fingerprints (gee, maybe the wallet is getting more screen time here – give it a contract and call it Wilson!).  Please, please, please tell me Sherlock Brady and Dr. Johnson have gloves on or they won't get far with this newfound career in detective work.

The other young’un Chelsea flings more accusations at Grandmaw Kate and she does so in the middle of a department store no less.  I bet Kate just loves that public display of dirty laundry.  What is she throwing a tantrum (tanty) about?  Daniel of course - Chelsea thinks Grandmaw and Daniel are scheming – hello, how old are we?  If she has a tanty now, can you imagine what she'll do later in the week when Daniel and Kate (look away now Dansea fans) become intimate!  I must say, I’m looking forward to watching this (can’t remember the last time I said that about an upcoming Kate scene, but for me she’s so much more likeable away from her kids/grandkids).

Speaking of intimacy, Chloe returns home this week – by home, I mean the Horton cabin – and finds Sami there.  That’s sure to send mixed messages.  Lucas tells Chloe that Sami will be living with them for awhile – well, that’ll be cosy; where’s she going to sleep (There was three in the bed and the little one said... get off me you bitch!)?   Chloe misreads Sami's pregnancy and thinks Lucas is the father, but Lucas soon puts her right and tells her the baby is EJ's.  Watch that Salem Gossip Train gather steam!

Sami continues on her desperate way – after hearing Nicole’s confession last week, Sami fools herself into thinking she can hide her pregnancy from EJ.  Of course, she’s worried that he will choose Nicole over her, and with Stefano lurking around ready to claim more DiMera heirs, she’s understandably nervous.  After a visit to the cabin by EJ (to visit Johnny), Sami becomes more determined to keep the pregnancy from EJ and asks Lucas to claim responsibility for her unborn child.  He refuses and eventually Sami decides to tell EJ the truth, but is she too late to claim her man?  Sami will get more than she bargained for back at DiMansion.

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* Alert: The Following Spoiler Contains Reference to Nicole *  While Sami’s moving out, Nicole is moving in – to DiMansion!  After spilling the ‘I’m pregnant, and you’re the Daddy’ news, EJ is rightly suspicious.  Demanding a paternity test, he claims Nicole is only after the DiMera money.  Once paternity proves he is the father, EJ does the right thing by Nicole and asks her to move into DiMansion, since she gets kicked out of the Salem Inn ("please EJ, you HAVE to help me!").  Later in the week, she and EJ get down and dirty and of course, Sami chooses that moment to come home and tell EJ the truth.

Truth. Interesting choice of word – this is the angle that Abe wants to follow with his mayoral campaign.  Problem is, he’s running against a candidate with DiMera support.  Can he maintain his honest approach?  Maybe it wont be an issue after the week ends.  I’m happy to report there are more scenes between him and Lexie regarding Theo’s disappearance – an unlucky babysitter is about to get the boot.   This may be a repercussion of Abe and Lexie being accused of being terrible parents – not really what you want to hear after your child goes missing and you're feeling guilty enough already.

Last but not least, the Jawn and Marlena divorce storyline keeps going this week.  Jawn tries to convince Marlena that he’s changed, but she doesn’t believe him.  Eventually, he signs the divorce papers and tells Marlena he’s forfeiting all claim to the DiMera empire.  Hmm… I’ll believe that one when I see it.

Other Plot Points:

Mayor Marino is killed this week, but I doubt there’ll be as big a fuss over it as there is with Trent.  He gets shot outside the DiMera mansion, around the time Sami is wandering around looking for a way in (she loses her key).

Missing In Action:

No mention of Steve and Kayla, or Bo and Hope in this week’s spoilers – I really hope this is an oversight.

Look Out For:

Alex Mendoza (ex-Dr. Joseph Parnell 'Joe' Scanlon (#3), Port Charles) who plays Mayor Marino’s shooter.

That’s it for this week – hope there’s something in there for you worth watching.  Don’t forget, you can leave me a comment below, or come join us in the Days forum at TFO.