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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.13.08


It's gonna be a quickie today....

Claudia wants to play let's make a deal...

I'll help you take down my father and in the end I want control of the Zacchara organization. Who's she dealing with? It MAY be Sonny or Jason. MOC RUMORS COULD play into things here. I'm hearing the marriage MAY not actually happen. According to RUMORS, Sonny takes ZaCrazy's deal and Anthony hands over the biz to him. Obviously there are conditions to the deal. Sonny has to retain Ric as the attorney and work with Johnny. So it seems he leaves Claudia out of the plan and IF this happens, it SHOULD be Jason that Claudia wants to deal with. More MOC crap... it COULD be Jason and Claudia. IF that's the case, it doesn't happen. They MAY make it to the justice of the peace, they won't make it to the I pronounce you husband and wife.

Jason tells Sonny.... go ahead team up with the devil. You'll be treated as an enemy now.

Coleman's the best man! I love it! Bachelor party? At Jake's! Scrubs wedding... who's invited? I hear Robin extends an invite to Jason. Surprise wedding shower? That's out there.

Liason... Studio scenes coming. They'll both be at the Scrubs wedding. When/IF Robin goes into labor Liz goes into nurse mode. RUMORS of sexay times still out there.

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Nothing can stop a mother... and RUMORS say Laura will do whatever she has to in order to help her daughter. Maxie and Spinelli want to help too by busting Lulu out of Shadybrook.


Don't forget... Patrick knows Olivia's secret. Kate's fear? Will knowing he has a son with Olivia bring two old flames back together? RUMORS say Sonny starts questioning Olivia about her kid.

Nikadine... more of the same wacky Nadine. She's convinced Carly wants Nik.

OLD RUMORS popping up... will Sam wonder who her daddy is? Elizabeth hurt? IF this is true, who would be in charge of making Elizabeth's decisions for her?

Do you think the Great Drug Caper sucks? According to online RUMBLINGS it hasn't been a hit with the fans. My two cents? The story is all over the place.

RANDOM RUMORS... Robin tells Sonny he has a son. Conflicting information for the Scrubs wedding. One says Robin's water breaks during the nuptials. Another says she goes to tell Sonny the truth and gets caught in a shoot out. Do bullets induce labor?