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Deathbed confessions, vows of revenge, declarations of love. All of these are cornerstones of soap operas. They can move you to tears or cause you to want someone's head on a stick. Bottom line, the lines our soap characters utter keep us coming back for more.


This week, mob king pin Anthony Zacchara hasn't let his revelation of being able to walk, dull his ability to drop zingers.

Anthony to Ric discussing Johnny's descent to the dark side:

Anthony: "Its understandable that Johnny's volatile right now. His little Lulu cracked like a coconut smacking cement".

Honorable mention:

Even though it happened last Tuesday, it was nevertheless a line that was classic for this character.

Robert, Anna and Robin speaking about if their grandchild will have the family name of it's mother or father:

"The important thing, will it be a Scorpio or a Drake?".

Anna: "Or a Devane?".

Robert: "Why would be a Devane?".

Anna: "Because it has class".

Robert: "Ah... (Chuckles) It will be a classy bastard then".

What are you favorite lines of the week?