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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Since it's Canadian Thanksgiving, I only have a few minutes to post, so here are just a few thoughts from today....

Loved everything Maxie/Robin. Love that Maxie's going in wedding planner mode and her horror at Robin getting married shoeless. I actually don't mind Coleman being best man, since it will likely make for some funny moments and I absolutely loved Maxie's deadpan, "how many drinks have you had" when Patrick announced Coleman as the best man.

Didn't particularly care for the entire Claudia/Olivia cat fight since it seemed totally contrived and unnecessary. Did I miss something, but wasn't Ric waiting for Claudia up in the room? Why would Claudia even bother going down for a beer and then strike up a snarky conversation with Olivia, whom she doesn't even know. Despite the fact that I like Claudia, I did like that Olivia wasn't letting her get to her and clearly won round one.

Didn't like that Carly put the entire end of her marriage on Kate's shoulders. Sorry, but Kate didn't force you to play tonsil hockey with Sonny in the back of the limo. Even that stunt that Kate pulled about Carly not giving Jax messages wasn't enough to do damage to her marriage since Jax got over that. I also didn't like Carly pulling the Morgan card on Sonny to get him back in line. For once, I agreed with Sonny during that whole exchange.

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