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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.14.08


Not sure how long this one will be... I have a killer migraine and no patience.

Nikolas wants the MetroCourt... why? Is it really because he can see it from his front porch? What if it wasn't his front porch anymore? RUMORS say Jax tries to one up the Cassadine Prince by buying Spoon Island out from under him.

Anthony wants to arrange a marriage between Claudia and Sonny.
Will it happen or will we see Claudia go to Jason with a plan to marry him? If she's already married to Jason, she can't marry Sonny. What about Ric? Anyone remember that when these MOC RUMORS first broke, Ric was also a possible groom?

It looks like... Claudia and Jason will be working together on some level. The Mafia Princess is said to be feeding Jason info once Sonny teams up with the Z's.

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Dumb Sonny... we always knew Jason was the brains behind the Corinthos-Morgan organization but did we really know that Sonny was this stupid? RUMORS say Sonny has no clue that Anthony's main goal is to get rid of Jason. Remember, there's still this "HUGE Twist" coming. Are Sason really working together?

Diane helps her man... it appears that Max gets himself in a predicament. Maximus heads back to Italy. RUMORS say he'll be back.

Luke's Back! He lands his butt in jail. RUMORS say Tracy too. Lulu's getting sprung. Laura returns! Could this mean screentime for the Spencer clan and Luke's in-laws?


RANDOM RUMOR... or is it a clue as to who is getting married? Supposedly the upcoming nuptials are between two people who have tried to get married to other people. Does this mean all those RUMORS surrounding the MOC are true? Hang in here with me... so far the RUMORS are that Claudia wants Jason to marry her so she doesn't have to marry Sonny. Those RUMORS go on to say that Jason and Claudia never make it to the husband and wife part. Sonny's wedding to Kate was stopped with a bullet. Could it be that Sonny and Claudia do marry?