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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.15.08


Luke's Back! I'm hearing the Tracy and Luke scenes are great. What about Laura? It looks like Luke learns his angel has made a breakthrough. Laura's not happy with Luke and his at arms length approach to parenting. Will Laura learn about the real Mrs. Luke Spencer? I'm hearing yes.

See ya later Maximus. Max and Milo's dad heads back to Italy.

Jerm hot tub.... you've been warned.

Dante... Online RUMBLINGS say the deal is almost done and it's a big name. We're waiting on official confirmation. Early RUMORS had Dante as your typical Brooklyn kid. The LATEST? Dante has done pretty well for himself and he's not happy that his dad is a mobster.

LuSam Break-Up? For real? It's all because of this Jerm mess. Lucky's not convinced that Sam wouldn't have slept with Jerry to get the information needed to bring the drug smugglers down. RUMORS say they argue and Lucky leaves. Will he come back intending to kiss and make-up? Not sure what Lucky's plan is but according to RUMORS when he comes back, Sam's gone. Remember, Sam is SUPPOSED to be arrested and Karpov's attorney MAY be the one springing her.

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Are Sonny and Jason really at odds or is this all one big scam? It SEEMS that right now what we're seeing is the real deal. They're at on opposing teams. At some point, things MAY change and that's where all these Sonny and Jason working together RUMORS are coming from.

Remember... Robin invites Jason to her wedding. RUMORS have him bringing a date. Could it be Claudia? Carly?


Liz and Nadine... girl talk? That's what's out there and whatever Nadine says, gets Elizabeth thinking.

CRAZY RUMORS... but COULD they be TRUE? Seems a little like fanfic to me but it's a light SPOILER day so here we go. Everyone have their salt shakers? Claudia's pregnant? I told you these were CRAZY. According to these RUMORS, Claudia has a bun in the oven and Ric's the daddy. In a TWIST, Claudia is pissed with Ric when she learns he's known all along that Anthony shot Kate and she doesn't want Ric to know he's going to be a daddy. Good thing her dad has a marriage ready to go. How about more on Dante? Most kids wouldn't be thrilled that their father is a gangster but what if you were about to become a Priest? Yep that's out there.

RANDOM Notes... Liason scenes are still coming. The leather jacket makes it's return. I need to see Steve Burton in something other than black. Please! Ric v. Jason? It looks like that's also coming. Spixie busting Lulu out. More Spixie with Jason. I just love Maxie and Jason scenes! Claudia mixing it up with the mobsters. She's spending time with both Sonny and Jason. What's up with CarJax? Not sure but they've got the hotel biz to contend with and Nikolas too.