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Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Since it was a hit last week... here we go again. Remember, comment away and if there's a show we're not covering that you'd like to get the SCOOP on, let me know!


Last week's big winner was 90210... this week, not so much to SCOOP on. Brenda Walsh will make her return to the zip code for two more episodes. Look for Ms. Walsh in the 11th and 12th episodes.

How about a little One Tree Hill? One of my personal favorites is getting a visit from another fave of mine. Dawson! James Van der Beek of Dawson's Creek fame is going back to North Carolina for a guest spot on OTH. DC used to shoot in the same little NC town that OTH now calls home. Remember I mentioned a producer who wants to turn Lucas' book into a movie? Van der Beek will play the director. I also mentioned last week that One Tree Hill will be around for a seventh season and it looks like the cast has signed on as well. All but one that is. According to the SCOOP, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) has not signed on for a seventh run. Will he? It looks like he will as Michael Ausiello over at EW says they've given the actor some time behind the camera and behind the scenes.

Anyone an Ugly Betty fan? Fans of the show know Betty got herself her very first apartment in the big city. Roomie RUMORS? You bet and you'll never guess who's moving in? Amanda!

Some GOSSIP on Gossip Girl... Word on the street, GG is getting an extended season. Two more episodes have been ordered. A love triangle for Jenny, Nate and Vanessa. Someone's dying during November Sweeps and it looks like it could be a major character! Nate helped his dad flee prosecution. Will his dad be thankful or will he turn against Nate and his mom?

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BONES... still on hiatus until November. Andy Richter will appear in a circus themed episode. A new lady is coming. A female FBI agent that gets a little weak in the knees over Booth. Who wouldn't? Have you seen that man?

Grey's Anatomy... still not impressed with the flood episode. Hopefully things will get better. Cristina finds some secret part of the hospital this week. There's a "domino effect" storyline/surgery coming up. No clue what that means? No worries, I didn't either. Apparently each surgery depends on the surgery before it so everyone has to work together. The new intern coming that MAY play into Callie and Erica's storyline... well she MAY also know Meredith. Melissa George (Alias) will play the bi-sexual intern. I'm a fan of Alex and Izzie so I am very happy to report that RUMORS say they're kissing, soon. George's character isn't the only new intern, we SHOULD see a few more and Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Gallactica) will play a new Doc.


I know we have some Fringe fans here. We'll learn more about Peter's (Joshua Jackson) past as some people from his past start popping up. We haven't seen the last of Agent Scott (Mark Valley) either.

GREEK... hell week! It's gotta be good.