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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I haven't been posting much lately because there just doesn't seem to be much that interests me.

As someone who is a devout Sonny hater, I'm tired of this Sonny-all-the-time that we've been getting. If he's not in a scene, he's being talked about. Enough already.

The only decent thing all day was the all too brief Quartermaine stuff (why was Edward wearing a hat indoors, and I'm not really sure how I feel about Tracy's hair.)

Carly/Olivia: Meh. Clearly it was to indicate the parallels of both women keeping Sonny away from his children, but I quickly got tired of Olivia declaring Carly all that and a bag of chips. Here's a crazy thought, Carly is not mother of the year and if she hadn't let Sonny in Michael's life in the first place, he wouldn't have a bullet in his head.

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Kate/Sonny: If she doesn't dump his sorry butt after this, then there is no hope for her at all. And is it just me, or has she forgotten she's got a magazine to deal with? It's seems like everything out of her mouth since she's regained consciousness has been about Sonny. Could we have one scene where Maxie is seen leaving Kate's room so we can assume that she's being given orders on the next issue?

I'm thankful that Max Senior is gone, but I hated the Sonny butt kissing scene. No, Max Senior, you shouldn't thank Sonny, you should thank Jason, who played along and let Max pretend he was in charge.

I liked the all too brief Scotty/Alexis scene and would really like to see them become more than what they are. I don't understand why she hasn't gone to talk to Sam about this whole mess, before she gets the arrest warrant.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better with some Scrubs, some ClauRic, maybe even some annoying yet non mob related Nadine.