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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.16.08


There is next to nothing out there today which is typical for a Thursday. We can do a Q&A if you guys are up to it, I have some extra time today. Leave your questions in the comments and I'll answer them to the best of my SPOILER abilities. Here's what I got...

Liason Day! Elizabeth SHOULD be calling Jason over to the Studio today. From what I understand, the scenes go into Friday as well, so enjoy my fellow Liason fans.

Jax and Nikolas at war?
They're definitely engaged in a battle. Who comes out the victor?

Sonny finds out about Dante!
Well... he finds out that Olivia has a son.

MOC... Anthony wants Claudia to marry Sonny. Keep your friends close make your enemy your son-in-law? Claudia isn't too happy when she first finds out but she starts thinking, marry a powerful man, gain some power yourself. IF those RUMORS are true, this is when Claudia should be going to Jason with her plan. Marry me and we have most of the power. Let Sonny run the Z empire and go after Karpov.

Sonny and Jason... Old Sonny returning? Jason teaming up with someone from his past? Lots of RUMORS swirling around.

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Jerry... Mr. Craig returns! What's coming will have "major consequences" for all those close to Jerry Jacks.

Lulu gets some visitors. Spixie! Maxie will go to Johnny and encourage him to go see his girlfriend. I've always thought Maxie and Johnny would be a good pairing but right now, I'm on the Spixie train! Maxie and Lulu, more friends than enemies? Looks like that's coming as Maxie MAY help Lulu one up Claudia.


Luke and Laura... back to their adventures? In case you missed it, I dropped this in the comments yesterday: Lulu's note leaver, some call it her blackmailer but really where's the blackmail, it was more like a bad re-do of I Know What You Did Last Summer... I digress. As many speculated it's Scotty and it looks like he knows Laura's making breakthroughs. Laura wakes up once again in front of Scott who now SHOULD become a blackmailer and skips town with Laura in tow. Laura punches Scott! Scott blackmails Laura into leaving with him. This spells more trouble for Lulu as the doctors don't believe that her mother woke up and has been abducted. The RUMORS go on to say that Lucky is involved in his parent's storyline as well as Nikolas and Tracy. Where's Scotty taking Laura? Somewhere that is near and dear to the couple's past. All my longtime GH fans... start guessing!

Spinelli in a straight jacket? That's happening according to the mags. I can only imagine the Maxie scenes as she not only busts out Lulu but now needs to rescue Spinelli once again.


How about a little Night Shift Scoop since it's a light day? If you haven't caught up, DO IT! This last episode was a MUST SEE for any General Hospital fan. Jagger got slapped with a custody suit by Stone's mom. Who is she? No clue but according to SPOILERS, at the end of the season (next Tuesday is the season finale), Jagger and Stone go on the run! What about Season Three? It seems to be coming but we'll have to wait and see.