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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Partnership is the new black on The Young and the Restless.


Phyllis: Radio Red finds Sharon in a sticky situation.

Adam: The scorned Newman child starts to ponder the choice of teaming up with Jack.

Katherine: The Grand Dame reunites with Marge.

Karen/Neil/Olivia: Ms. Taylor makes a startling confession to Neil that has him pondering a life altering choice. Later Neil's stunned to find out that Olivia's familiar

with Karen. More after the jump!

Billy: In the coming weeks a new character, Rafael, will arrive on the scene. Rafael is a lawyer who is an old buddy of Billy's. It appears that Billy wants to have Rafael help Lily in a legal matter that pertains to Devon and Ana.

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Now Rafael starts to wonder what Billy's angle is in all of this and deduces his old friend has real feelings for Lily... Billy's not the only one that Rafael mixes it up with. Rafael meets with "Heather" in regard to a modeling contract and Rafael starts to flirt with "Heather".

Now we all know the mole, er Heather's, not a model (some say her alter ego's a hair model), so the word is that the person in question is really Jamey's new, "it," girl Colleen. Rafael's identity is starting to come into question also. Many are wondering if Rafael's not a smokescreen for Raul Guittierez. I'm going to go out on a limb and say its not. Going off of the scenes, wouldn't Colleen know Raul or are those two just playing some flirtation dance.....

November Sweeps info:

Noah/Eden: The teens will invade your screen during the Paris location shoot (yuck!). Noah and Eden are in France for a school field trip. This is where the duo's relationship takes a turn to the romantic side.

Look for Nick and Sharon's relationship to get a bit steamy and for Phyllis to bust in on them..

Things start to look up for Smilin' Jack. Could it be Jabot or finally getting one up on Victor?

Kay runs into her old look-alike Marge, who's heavy on the booze these days. Katherine makes the choice to help Marge out, but keeps her family out of the loop. Fans needs to remember that in AA, everything's anonymous so Katherine's unable to let her family in on who she's helping and this leads for them to worry. As a result of Katherine helping Marge, karma rears its head for Kay and those around her....

Victor/Nikki: Nikki makes a huge sacrifice in order for Victor to get out of his Sabrina-funk. Even though the two are at odds, don't count out the feelings they have for each other.

Ashley: When she finally comes back to the canvas full swing, she fights being pulled back to the past.