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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A Sonny free day....thank you show!!

Dear Show: Thank you for keeping Lulu off my screen for a couple of days, but having her first words back be: "Where's Johnny", will not endear me to her or redeem her in my eyes. Mkay?

I thought shrieking Lulu was terrible, but morose, downtrodden Lulu is even worse. It's only day one and already I'm not looking forward to anymore of her scenes. I did enjoy Maxie and Spinelli's side of the story, both friends, wanting to help her. As for Lulu herself, I don't know what direction JMB is being given, but my tolerance just isn't there. Johnny "Pouty" McPouterson I can do without as well.

I loved the Maxie/Anthony scene. That girl did not show any fear and held her own with the crazy old man.

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Dear Jason: Putting the ladder on the same wall that your painting might make more sense than putting it on the opposite wall and reaching waaaay around to paint. I did like that Liz took matters into her own hands and forced him to spend time with her and didn't whine or pout, but very matter of factly explained that there will never be a good time, so just go for it.

Tracy/Luke: I don't know how I feel. I'm glad Luke's back onscreen (TG's vacations are too darn long sometimes), but I get a little tired of drunk Luke in trouble with the foreign authorities stories that always accompany him.

Memo to Nikodine (and everyone else in town): That is why you should never make out on the living room couch. Anyone can walk in on you while you're half naked.

Carly, Carly, Carly, nice of her to admit that she was only selling to Nikolas to spite Jax, but did she really need Jason to talk her out of that? Girl you have a brain, use it sometimes.

Now, where's my man Ric already?