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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.17.08


Sorry... it's gonna be a short one today and I won't be around much to comment. If you have questions, try to get them in early.

More Liason... you've all seen the pics in previous SPOILER posts, so you know there's more Liason time coming today. Is that all we'll get until the Scrubs Wedding? Possibly.

Sonny lays out his ultimatum to Jason. Jason says no way and Sonny takes up with the Z's.

OH Carly... she lets Jax believe something is happening between her and Nikolas that's not just business. Too bad it's Nadine who falls for it. Carly in danger? That's a RUMOR out there. While CarJax MAY not be patching things up, Jax still wants to help Carly and IF the RUMORS are true, she'll need it.

Alexis believes Jerry and not Sam.
Even Lucky seems to have lost his trust in Sam. Does Jerry plant drugs in Sam's apartment? Remember he sets her up and it's not the photos already taken. Sam making a deal with the devil? Which one? There are too many to choose from.

Will Jerry die? We've been talking about the RUMORS of Sebastian Roche's exit all week. His leaving GH has been confirmed by SOD. The question now is will Jerry Jacks die? There are plenty of RUMORS out there regarding how Roche MAY be exiting. Some say Jerry will try to rape Sam. There are RUMBLINGS that Alexis MAY be the one killing him. Like I said, plenty of RUMORS out there about the demise of Jerry Jacks.

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Scrubs Wedding... does Sonny bring a date? RUMORS say Claudia escorts Sonny to Robin's wedding. Anthony thinks the new couple needs to be seen in public together. Jason is invited but will he attend? It APPEARS that Jason chooses to stay clear of Robin's nuptials until Maxie talks him into going. I am still seeing TALK that Maxie outs the almost marriage RUMORED to happen between Claudia and Jason in front of Elizabeth. IF THIS HAPPENS... Jason will try to talk to Elizabeth but she'll be busy with an in-labor Robin.

Cold Feet RUMORS premature? There were RUMBLINGS that Patrick gets a case of cold feet but is it something else that makes him late for his own wedding? The LATEST is that it's a surgery that has the groom tied up. Who's the patient? Anthony! Could it be Patrick that invites Olivia to the wedding?


So Sonny and Claudia the new couple? We'll see how all this MOC crap plays out. What about Ric and that incredible chemistry Clic has? Ric's not going to be happy with the latest developments. Is Ric once again losing out to Sonny? RUMORS say Clic MAY carry on as is and this MAY give Ric one up on Sonny.

LuSam separation... Lucky's off on a Spencer Family Adventure but he'll be back and RUMORS say when he returns he can't find Sam.

RANDOM RUMORS... Jason's life is in danger, what else is new? What will Elizabeth do? Will Ric help Alexis? When Lulu takes off on the family adventure, will Johnny follow? RUMORS say he does and he MAY make things worse. Lulu comes around long enough to help Maxie spring Spinelli.