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I was always taught by my mother, "If you don't know how to listen, you feel". I guess A.D.A. Heather Stevens never got that lesson from her own mama. Heather is too stubborn,or stupid, I can't decide which, for her own good. The last time she went up against Victor all half-cocked what happened to her? She got herself demoted by the District Attorney. Hasn't she learned not to mess with Victor? The man's like Teflon, nothing sticks.


Heather keeps saying her motivation is finding out the truth, but it makes you wonder if her pursuit of truth would be so all-consuming if her bed mate Adam wouldn't have had his ass handed to him by Victor and the rest of his family. Wasn't Heather the one who told Adam and the elder Newman kids not to let emotions fuel their motives? What the hell is fueling hers? I'm just waiting for Heather's boss to say, "Are you letting your ego get to you since you weren't able to pin Ji-Min's murder on Newman or is your new man candy pulling your strings?" More after the jump!

You know the writing's on the wall when members of your own family start to question your judgment. Paul, Heather's own Pops, is suspicious about her reasoning for going after Victor. Nikki was right on the money when she told the snooping blonde Victor's case isn't even in her jurisdiction! I guess we're suppose to believe that with the toss of her hair Heather can try any case in the world because she has had a run in with the key players involved?

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The only thing that makes me tune into this train wreck of a storyline is the fact that once The Black Knight gets word about what she's been up to, Heather will be crying like a fat kid who dropped his cake.