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The (Not-So) Smart Guy

It looks like Adam's getting a dose of conniving and backstabbing Genoa City-style from none other than the King of Hustlers, Jack Abbott. The newly-outcast Newman constantly brings up the fact that he went to Harvard Business School and graduated number two in his class, as if its his calling card. Unfortunately for Adam, they didn't have courses in the Art of Handling Jacko at Harvard. Maybe Brad can tutor him in his spare time?


Pairing up with his father's mortal enemy really doesn't say much for those Ivy League smarts Adam is always bragging about. Other than a friendship with the boy's mother years ago, Jack has no connection to Adam, yet all of a sudden he bailed him out of jail and offered to help him get revenge on Victor? Wouldn't that have set off some warning bells and whistles for someone who claims to be so smart?

Jack is leading a trail of breadcrumbs for Victor and whoever else decides to investigate his misdeeds and those crumbs lead right to Adam's doorstep. From setting the meeting up with the book publisher, then leaving Adam to fly solo and making sure the whole forging angle points directly to Adam, Jack might as well put the smoking pen in Adam's hand.

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For someone who likes to perceive himself as smarter than the average bear, Adam is stuck on stupid when it comes to aligning himself with Smilin' Jack.