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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I love Scrubs. I love when they’re cute together and I love when they lovingly discuss their unborn baby. Therefore, how long before something bad happens. There were so many anvils dropping today between the “I’m fine, I don’t need a C-Section”, to the “everything will be perfect after we get married and have the baby”. Clearly, something’s going to go wrong and since they aren’t the writers favorites, or directly involved with the mob, I worry about Georgie Alyssa Scorpio Drake’s fate. I swear, if they kill off that baby, I will have to hurt someone.

Jerry/Sam: Uhm, can I have KeMo’s body because yikes, that thing is smoking. Could that bikini be any skimpier? As much as I hate the fact that Sam’s door wasn’t locked and that Alexis just walked in and I don’t want Alexis hurt again by catching her daughter with her man, I’m kind of glad that she caught her daughter with her man. Of course, she’ll put all the blame on Sam, but she has eyes, she can clearly see that Jerry is into it and it’s not all “woe is me, Sam came onto me, boo hoo hoo”. But what the heck happened with that arrest warrant she was getting the other day?

I don’t like Jason, but even I was annoyed at the way Sonny summoned him. I wish Jason would just smack him already.

Love me some Ric, any little morsel I can get, even if it has to be in a scene with Sonny.

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What is wrong with Nadine? (And I say this as someone who likes her). She’s knows nothing is going on between Carly and Nikolas. Yet Carly shows up and Nadine freaks out and storms off. I’m hoping we’ll be able to blame it on whatever drugs Jerry gave her.

I hope all that Carly/Nik stuff after Jax left wasn’t them being chem-tested together, because something about a Carly/Nik hook up that just doesn’t seem right.

I liked Spixie’s scenes with Lulu again, but I must have missed the reason why they think breaking her out is a good idea. Also, I know it’s supposed to be for comic relief, but seriously, locking Spinelli in a padded room when he’s not even a patient is just silly. And a lawsuit waiting to happen!