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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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This week revolves around Sami, Nicole and Melanie, so if you're not a fan of those three, don't say I didn't warn you. 


I'll admit that this week sounds as boring as batpoo - except for one thing and even that I'm not sure about since they just killed off Mayor Marino.  What am I loving?  Lexie going all kickass on Mayor Marino’s butt – yes, I know he got shot on Friday, but hey, when she told him (in so many words) not to mess with her or her family, I was like, is evil Lexie back?  Please, oh soap gods please!   Honest Abe and Evil Lexie… heck, yeah I’d watch that.  Anyhoo, here’s what’s coming up this week on Days of Our Lives (Oct 20-24).

SMACKDOWN!  That’s right, Nicole chucks a hissy fit after Sami bursts in on her and EJ doing the nasty (and I mean, nasty) on the sofa.   On behalf of the viewing public, can I say EW?!  Sami’s hysterical, and Nicole gets the wrong idea.  The funny thing is, Nicole storms out the front door and proceeds to trip face first over Mayor Marino’s body – she lands on her stomach and I foresee some pregnancy problems coming her way as a result.  At the police station, Nicole wants to set some ground rules with Sami (now that they’re going to be step mommies or whatever), but can these two have a civil conversation?  I sure hope not!

Nicole’s said pregnancy problems come around later in the week when Jawn finds her on her own, doubled up in pain.  Where is EJ, aren’t they joined at the hip lately?  Oddly, he’s at the Horton cabin with Lucas (makes it sound so seedy, eh?), who has made nice with Chloe - until Sami goes two for two and interrupts them as well.  Chloe ain't impressed.  So it’s a nice little party Mayor Marino’s killer has his sights on at the cabin.  He does take a shot at Sami which is enough to convince her to enter the witness protection program.  Is she ever going to tell EJ about the baby??  Gah!  For those still watching and believing, Nicole and newest BFF Chloe have a girl chat about life and love – Nicole’s anyway.  They probably compare notes about Sami.  Boring!

Sigh.  Max plays middleman between Melanie and Stephanie.   Those two just don’t like each other do they?  Well, I don’t blame Steph for disliking Mel, I don’t like her either. So Melanie admits everything to Max about her last encounter with Trent and asks him to keep it to himself.  He of course tells Steph.  She promises to keep it a secret too, and then turns around and tells Bope.  They confront Melanie who decides to skip town (yay!) but then a mysterious note is slipped under her door saying “I’ll give you $20 to leave now”… no not really, it says “I know what you did last summer”… ok, ok, it really says “I saw you at the cemetery.  I know what happened”.  Ooh ah.   Max finds out Stephanie blabbed and he breaks up with her (all Stax haters rejoice!).  Later in the week Melanie tries to seduce Philip (end the insanity!), has a date with Nick and gets all vicious with Detective Bo (cos that’s always a good idea when you’re a murder suspect) which Max sees (so now he might get a clue, but it's unlikely).

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Thaao Penghlis alert!  Yes Tony fans, scenes this week between brother Tony and sister Lexie.  She thinks her ultimatum to Stefano – "withdraw your support for Mayor Marino or risk losing Theo" (not that he ever sees him anyway) – was in someway responsible for the Mayor’s death.  Which pretty much means she thinks Stefano had him killed.  Well, can you blame her for suspecting him?  It is Stefano we're talking about.

Things are set to heat up between Chelsea and Grandmaw Kate once Chelsea finds out Daniel and Kate have again bumped uglies.  Oh well – if you snooze, you lose my friend.  Philip gets in on the action (not like that!  Ew!) when he confronts Daniel and Kate on their budding relationship.  The shoe is still very much on the other foot, huh Kate?  Speaking of Kate, her diagnosis is finally in – Daniel reveals she does have lung cancer.

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

Marlena tells Jawn she still plans to divorce him. Mm-hmm, ok, move this along please.

Missing in Action:

Where are Steve and Kayla?   I’m told there is some sort of storyline that involves them during November sweeps (but don't hold your breath).

Get Ready For:

Galen Gering (ex-Luis Lopez Fitzgerald, Passions) to hit Salem Oct 31.  Are there sparks between him and Sami?

Well that's it for this week.  As always, leave me your comments below, or come and join us at TFO in the Days forum.