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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.20.08


The Scrubs Wedding ends when baby Drake wants to make her entrance. Patrick arrives just in time...remember he's playing Doctor to ZaCrazy who according to RUMORS has a stroke!

Do Jason and Elizabeth share the screen at the wedding?
There are some RUMBLINGS that the angst ridden couple MAY be giving their fans more angst. SUPPOSEDLY there are Liason scenes at the altar. Fanfic? Maybe.

The shootout... The talk is that it happens on a Friday (the 31st?) with Sam and Jason involved. Possibly happening on the docks. JaSam fans... there are RUMBLINGS that the former couple will discuss Sam and Sonny's dead daughter. Is the anniversary of her death coming soon? I don't remember.

MOC... who is the new Mr. Claudia Zacchara? Jason or Sonny? Anthony wants Sonny to be his new son-in-law, Claudia proposes to Jason but who actually marries the Mafia Princess? IF the RUMORS are true, Jason and Claudia never make it to the husband and wife part of the deal as the Justice of Peace SUPPOSEDLY refuses to marry two people who obviously don't want to be married. Does that mean it's Sonny who weds Claudia?

Will ZaCrazy's request that Claudia marry actually benefit Claudia? She does go to Jason with her "plan" but it MAY be more about how much leverage Claudia can secure herself than just avoiding a marriage to Sonny. It seems that Olivia overhears a conversation Sonny has about his new alliance with the Zacchara's. Sonny assures his fiance's cousin that he has no intention of marrying Claudia. Never say never, Sonny.


So what happens? Well like it's been RUMORED, Jason and Claudia do not marry. The "wedding" should be pretty funny, think Jason and Brenda's wedding. Jason SHOULD be tearing up the marriage certificate and Claudia figures that she'll have to marry Sonny afterall. What about Ric? Claudia thinks he knew about her dad's plan to marry her off. He doesn't.

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Will Elizabeth find out about Jason's almost nups? EARLY RUMORS had Maxie spilling the beans. The LATEST? Elizabeth will not know.

The LuSam Break-up... It appears to be happening at the PCPD. Lucky questions just how far Sam is willing to go to nail Jerry. He is SUPPOSED to walk away from Sam and into the Spencer Family Adventure. Nikolas is also said to be along for the family trip. Does he bring Nadine?


Scotty and Laura... is he taking her where they honeymooned?

Everyone knows now that Sebastian Roche is leaving General Hospital. It appears that he'll be onscreen until mid-November.

Will Jerry's demise and the always present mob threat bring Carly and Jax back together? Not sure if the couple reunites but expect to see CarJax together more. Also, they have the deal with Nikolas to contend with.

Is the hospital actually going to play a part of Sweeps? What a concept since the word HOSPITAL is in the title of the show! There is a RUMOR out there that the hospital has some sort of crisis as part of Sweeps. We'll see what actually happens... I have my doubts for obvious reasons. One RUMOR has one of the explosions happening at GH. Will this bring two friends back together? Wouldn't Elizabeth be at GH? Maybe Kate too?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Sonny and Claudia get married at the end of Sweeps. Matt and Elizabeth test? Laura sends Lucky back to Sam. Nadine saves the Spencers? Jerry tries to hurt Sam. Jerry is assumed dead after he falls off a ship. All these RUMORED explosions...who's responsible? Some say Jerry. Jax and Carly fall into bed. Remember those OLD RUMORS about Jax becomng a daddy? Patrick is forced to make a decision regarding Robin's care.