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I'm So Jealous...

A few of our Daytime Confidential posters were very lucky ladies and got to see Steve Burton, Derk Cheetwood, Bradford Anderson and Brandon Barash live and in person this past weekend. I, of course, am very jealous. Here's a little recap!


From crazy4gh: Good Morning Regan, Here’s what I have, I tried to remember most of everything that happened. Seeing SB, BA, BB and DC was awesome. Not much scoops, but a lot of laughs. SB is just as gorgeous in person as on TV. Regarding Liason he said he does like the pairing and doesn’t like how Jason never gets to be happy and was very disappointed that Liason was engaged for about 4 seconds before the whole Michael story happened.

He would not answer whether he is staying or not, but I got the feeling he is not. He kept mentioning how he has the longest drive to work and he doesn’t have a lot of down time. He said he doesn’t watch the show and neither does his wife. When asked about the FF thing on GH he said he didn’t know anything about that, but he wished that someone would FF his contract. He also said there would be a lot going on during Sweeps including explosions (shocking huh).

SB was very funny and he ran the show. He joked about Sonny’s character, copying the walk and saying any woman ovulating shouldn’t walk near him because they will end up pregnant. Each guest would come out and then leave, but he was on stage the whole time. When he brought out BA, BA came from the back of the theater singing Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran/Duran to the crowd and tried to get SB to sing, but he was too busy laughing. SB said he loved working with BA because he is like a breath of fresh air. BB sang Happy Birthday in a Louie Armstrong voice to one of the crowd by request. DC talked about the Max/Diane pairing and said he really likes to work with CH. When asked who else he would like to be paired with he said Sam. SB made a comment about how many more men can be in Sam’s hot tub.

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SB, BA and DC liked working with Vincent Pastore, but SB didn’t like having to get hit in the head and said they had to do that scene over a few times. BB said Bruce Weitz is a great actor to work with and watched a lot of Hill Street Blues to see what he was like. When asked about the Claudia/Johnny relationship, he didn’t think it was as weird as people see it. Everyone seemed to be weirded out by the sex scenes between Ric/Claudia for one reason or other.

Let me just say, if anyone gets the chance to see them, GO! I’m embarrassed to say I was too shy to get the VIP seats and if I did I would have been able to take a picture with each of the guys. I will regret that for a long time and won’t make that mistake again.

From roe0824: Regan hope you had a good weekend, I sure did. I was waiting for you to post so I can tell you about the fan event I went to on Saturday. I met Steve and Brandon and Bradford and Derek were there. They are all very nice and very funny. You were right, they couldn't talk too much about the show. Steve said that sweeps were coming up and their would be "deaths" and that he has scenes with Sam but he is not going back to Sam. He said Jason wants Elizabeth. He also said that he does not marry Claudia, he said Jason is afraid of her. He mentioned not to listen to everything they say in the magazines because they have to say something in order to sell them.

About his contract, it is up next year and he told us not to worry about that, I have a feeling he is talking to them and in my opinion only, I would be surprised if he left. Ok Regan now for the good stuff. I got to take a picture with both Steve and Brandon, you had to take it together. So when I got up on the stage I said to Steve wait a minute, can I check out those muscles to see how they are so I can tell my friends? He laughed and he said wait and then he flexed his muscle and said now feel them and it was rock hard. Then I turn to take the picture and he said wait a minute feel this and he takes my hands and puts them up to his ABS and his chest, oh my gosh, Regan, rock solid. I was very calm and composed but shocked. By the way, he said it's football season so he loves to eat now.

Brandon was so sweet, looked nervous and shyalthough he did come out and face us shaking his booty. Bradford jumped on the table next to us and did a mini striptease. He couldn't get into his Spinelli character. Derek talked about him not being that flexable with is legs and the scene with Diane. They said alot of stuff that was alot of fun.

Sounds like you both had a great time and I have to thank crazy4gh for telling Steve GO BUCKS! Thanks for the recaps and please, if anyone else attended and would like to give us a recap, comment away!