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So Long Babe, Don't Let The Door Hit You On the Way Out

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There comes a time in every soap viewer's life when, if they've just hung in there long enough, they have outlasted a character they find absolutely loathsome. Well get out the Chandler crystal, raid the Cortlandt's wine cellar and pop open Erica's best bottle of champagne because the day many fans have dreamed of is almost upon us. The demise of Babe Carey Chandler.


I want to make clear that this has nothing to do with Alexa Havins or Amanda Baker but everything to do with the character of Babe. Even though Babe was reviled by many, it was Havins who made the character watchable and while I maintain that Babe should have been written off after Havins' departure, this tornado has given Baker the opportunity to do her best work to date.

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That having been said, I will not shed a single tear once Babe is gone. What's more, the celebration of Babe's demise is only made sweeter by the fact that, if written well, this should provide an awesome storyline for Jacob Young's JR Chandler. Imagine the possibilities. Obviously, alcohol will be a factor of JR's storyline, but once we get past that, imagine a storyline where JR raises Little A as a single father while a woman falls in love with him, but he can't see past his grief and his son. Imagine a drunken one-night-stand with JR and Greenlee. Imagine a story of JR's revenge on his father for forcing him and Babe to return to Pine Valley. Imagine the possibility that Babe's death might help to start rebuilding the connection that JR and Bianca once had. Imagine the possibility of JR taking his wrath out on Zach and the renewal of the discarded rivalry. Imagine the fantasy of having Skye (Robin Christopher) return to Pine Valley and the powerhouse sibling story that could be told of Skye and JR.

So long Babe. The clouds are clearing. A new day is dawning and it's fresh with possibilities of a Pine Valley without you.