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Taylor vs. Brooke part 34,736

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As any fan of The Bold and the Beautiful knows, the Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) wars have lasted for nearly two decades. Even when Taylor was taking a dirt nap, fan messageboards still buzzed with Taylor and Brooke fans taking swipes at each other.     

Taylor’s been back in the land of the living for a few years and things are now way more complicated than before. She’s given her baby to Brooke and is about to marry Brooke’s son Rick, but her feelings for Ridge have also started to resurface. 

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Saint Taylor has taken to smooching Ridge when they find themselves alone. Let's not forget she slept with Brooke’s father and married Brooke’s ex (Nick) too. The back-from-death version of Taylor is a whole lot more horny than she was back in the day. Is it all because she never got over Ridge, her one true love?       

Add into the mix Brooke and Nick – are they reconnecting over baby Jack? Is it just another round of musical beds or could these couples bring the spark back to B&B?

What are your opinions on how this should progress?