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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.21.08


Multiple Explosions? That's the Sweeps RUMOR. I'm hearing there could be as many as four explosions total. There will be injuries and people missing. RUMORS say two will die during Sweeps. IF Jerry is one of the deaths, who's the other one? What's exploding? There are plenty of RUMORS out there about this so keep your salt shakers handy. The docks, hospital, Karpov's ship and of course a warehouse are all said to have bombs planted by Jerry.

Scotty Confesses! It appears that Scotty finally fesses up to killing Rick Webber and he'll explain how killing Rick was an accident. Was letting Laura take the blame an accident as well? Will the former flames take a trip down memory lane?

Liason... will there be a "moment" before the Scrubs wedding? It looks like that MAY be happening and in true Guza form, it's cut short.

ZaCrazy has a stroke! He SHOULD be seized by the stroke while arguing with Claudia. He's rushed to GH where Patrick decides to operate.

Spencer Family Adventure... I pray this is as good as it should be. We will see how the writers handle it. Tracy SHOULD be on the trip with the fam and there SHOULD be some Tracy - Laura interaction.

Drake Family Drama? It seems that Patrick and Matt have a brotherly talk. I'm not so sure it's all that brotherly though. Olivia gives Patrick some advice and he'll invite her to the wedding. Patrick is scared he'll turn out like Noah. Remember, complications are RUMORED to be happening with Robin.

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Will Sonny and Claudia tie the knot? It looks like that's what happens. What does that mean for Kate? I'm not 100% sure, but I would think Sonny marrying someone else sort of puts a strain on the Skate relationship. There will be even more for Skate to deal with when Sonny finds out that Olivia's son is also his son.


Are Clic together when everything starts exploding? That's a RUMOR out there. Ric's not happy about the plan for Claudia and Sonny to become the latest Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos. I'm not happy either Ric! Memo to TPTB, when you have two characters that obvioulsy click (pun intended), you go with it.

Scrubs Baby... according to the SPOILERS out there, Robin's water breaks before the wedding is over. Just once, I would like a traditional soap wedding and/or birth on General Hospital. It doesn't always have to be doom and gloom. These RUMORS go onto say that Robin has a C-section and starts to bleed out after the delivery. The decision I mentioned Patrick having to make... he MAY have to give the okay for Robin to have a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. Robin falls into a coma.


The Shoot Out RUMORS... here's how it COULD be going down. Jerry asks Sam to meet him on the docks. His plan? Set a bomb off in a nearby dumpster when she arrives. Jason just happens to be on the docks at the same time and the explosion starts the gunfire.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... will Jason be upset with Sam? That's out there. He's been trying to keep the peace and her investigation into Jerry and Karpov has everything exploding. Is Elizabeth hurt during Sweeps? That's a RUMOR out there too. The Matt and Liz stuff... they MAY be working together more.

Scrubs... I really love how they've been written lately. What sucks? Typical GH, something dire is happening to them. Let's just hope that Patrick and Robin as a couple are OK.