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Lucci Still Dancing With Broken Foot

The R.E.M. jam "Everybody Hurts" would be an appropriate theme song for this season of Dancing With the D-Listers, I mean Stars. The show's rare A-List diva du jour, the fabulicious Susan Lucci, is the latest in a long line of this season's crop of hoofers to injure herself.


According to Ok! Magazine, the foot injury La Lucci first endured a few weeks back is actually a fracture. Ever the trooper—she did endure Megan McTavish and Bianca dating Zarf—Lucci is continuing to do The Hustle, The Tango and whatever else she and partner Tony Dovolani have to do in order to win the coveted prize, which is a guest spot on that tanning bed reality show...or is it the one about the angry, gay house flipper? No? The one about those trashy, vulgar, nouveau riche "housewives" running amuck in my beloved ATL? I forget.

Anyhoo, someone named Misty-May already dropped out earlier this season due to a ruptured Achilles' tendon. Sure..."ruptured Achilles tendon", Miss Misty just couldn't take getting schooled on National TV by  a couple of grannies like Lucci and Cloris Leachman! Way to tough it out Suse!

dancingwiththestars.jpg picture by j2k31

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