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A Mighty Wind

Not much to say about today's episode of The Great Pine Valley Tornado of 2008. Lots of calm before the second or third storm with a great deal of hand wringing and extras running around as the director obviously says "Action!" A few developments, though...


THE DRAMA: We got a little backstory on Bianca's latest squeeze, Reese, and the birth of Baby Lesbianca, complete with Zach ridiculously holding the baby up in the sky a la The Lion King. I half expected a bolt of lighting and a cry of "Shazam!" David, the mystery squatter at the Chandler mansion knocked some bricks on top of Erica's head, or she knocked herself out; I wasn't paying that much attention. I did see David', the mystery man's hands pet the dirt and bricks above Erica's head though. Prior to Erica getting brick-layed, her scenes with Adam were awesome as he admitted his role in the tampering of Bella perfume. Annie continued to freak out about Emma. Droopy Dawg Aiden continued to sulk after being rescued by Super Ryan, who had a very awkward and lazily choreographed scene where he and Deer in Headlights Greenlee reached for Aiden's jacket at the same time. At the hospital, Greenlee held Kendall's life in her hand. Jesse finally revealed to Angie that Natalia is his daughter. Babe prepared to be whisked off by that big tornado in the sky.

Good dialogue today. Another perfectly fine performance by Jacob Young, who looked a lil' thicker than usual. Everyone else was good. Not much to say there. Loved the brief reunion of Frankie and Randi; I know a lot of folks don't like her but I do.  Frankie and Randi's story is very much in the vein of Chuck Tyler and reformed prostitute Donna Beck in the early 80's, one of Agnes Nixon's best.

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THE SPECIAL EFFECTS: Not much going on today besides the CGI clouds and a few waves at  Pessum ire Slater Beach Domus. Unfortunately, the matte/CGI blending with the live action was not as good as yesterday's, as there was quite a bit of matte feathering (black lines outlining the live action footage) visible in most of those scenes.

GENERAL PRODUCTION: Just one thing. Maybe it's me, but am I the only one who found it odd that the fireplace at the demolished beach house was burning so beautifully? Apparently Zach lit it to keep Bianca warm, but the whole thing looked weird.

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: A solid installment today, with a necessary break in the action before the next tornado slams through Pine Valley.