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Contract Talks Cause Speculation About Knight's AMC Future, Plus SHOCKING Di Spoiler!

Is Pine Valley about to be less one cad? Rumors across the Internet have All My Children veteran Michael E. Knight and his wildly popular character Tad Martin possibly on their way out of Pine Valley. Knight's omission from the list of attendees for this year's final Super Soap Weekend (Nov. 15-16 at Disney World) seems to be helping to fan the online flames.


"Michael is in contract negotiations," reveals a source close to the show. "If the negotiations can be resolved in time for Super Soap he will be there."

Memo to Chuck Pratt and Brian Frons: The worst mistake you can make in attempting to rebuild this show is to even think about effing with the few vets you have left. If you don't believe me, ask Ellen Wheeler.  Booting Jerry Ver Dorn, Maureen Garrett, Nancy St. Alban, Paul Anthony Stewart and of course Grant Aleksander is the reason Guiding Light is in the state it's in now, not to mention losing Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin. Ellen's mentor Chris Goutman can also help with some cautionary advice, considering the losses of Martha Byrne, Scott Bryce and others are still being felt by As The World Turns as well. Don't follow suit.

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In other news from the Valley, it appears Di won't be returning for Aidan, instead Dixie's sister is being brought back to snatch up Ryan and Annie's daughter Emma!

"The role is only for two days, that's why Kelly Giddish didn't come back," says a source. 

Okay, now I realize Di wasn't exactly a heroine, considering she impersonated her sister and slept with Dixie's "widower", but she always seemed to have a good heart and the best of intentions. What on Soap Earth would make her start snatching up young 'uns?