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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I don’t know if it’s just me, but this show for the past few days is really annoying me. Just doesn’t seem to be much for me to root for and everyone is pissing me off. So for everyone who wants only the positive, todays’ obs are more glass is empty kind of thing. You’ve been warned!!

Scotty was basically threatening her, why didn’t Lulu call for help? Aren’t there nurses or doctors walking around, checking on their patients' welfares? Scotty could have killed her if he wanted and no one would notice. Strangest mental facility evah. Also, didn’t she commit herself voluntarily? Can’t she leave whenever she feels like it? Does she need Spixie to help her escape from somewhere that she can leave on her own?

Sonny needs someone to Cher smack him upside the head. He just isn’t smart at all. It’s amazing that he didn’t run his own organization into the ground years ago and I’m thinking it’s because Jason was there to use the one brain they both share. Why he would even consider getting into bed with the Zacharas is beyond me.

Kate: Why she thinks Sonny knowing about Dante will somehow “save” him is beyond me. Why would an unknown child do anything for him that his current known children haven’t done? The logic, she’s not there.

I like Robin and I don’t mind the rare Robin/Jason scenes, but I hate when another character has to polish Jason’s halo. Yes, Jason was there at a vulnerable time for Robin, but am I supposed to believe that if he hadn’t been there for teenage Robin, that she wouldn’t have eventually gotten her crap together and that she wouldn’t have grown into the fine adult she is now?

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Hate the whole Sam story. It makes her look dumb and it makes Alexis look like an idiot. Why Lucky didn’t say something when he showed up at Sam’s bothers me. Clearly, their solo undercover investigation didn’t work, time to let Mac and Alexis in on what the truth is. If this things drags on because Sam thinks she can still work Jerry, I will not be happy.

I get that Claudia thinks she the queen bee with all the cards, but really she should know better too. And I hate that whatever potential ClauRic have will be squandered by Sonny and/or Jason yet again.