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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.22.08


LooLoo Lulu is back to being onscreen all the time. Spixie spy Trevor at Shadybrook and think he's behind the blackmail notes. He's not. It's Scotty who blackmails Laura into leaving town with him. What's Trevor doing at Shadybrook though?

Scotty and Laura... it looks like Scotty takes Laura back to where they honeymooned. Hollywood! Location shoot? Not sure. The Spencer Family Adventure to find Laura begins. Popping up in the mags soon...Scotty and Laura exit on November 10th. Will it be together or are both characters just checking out on the same day? Again, not sure. There were RUMBLINGS that Genie Francis will return once again and that when she does it'll be a longer stint.

Trevor Lansing... is he a Sweeps death? They haven't used him much and like I mentioned earlier, he's popping up at Shadybrook. OLD RUMORS had said it would be revealed that Johnny is his son. Those seem to be popping up again with Trevor revealing the truth right before he dies. Who's he making his death bed confession to? RUMORS say it's Johnny and Ric. Hmmm... so that would mean Ric has two brothers that hate him.

Of course those other OLD RUMORS pop back up with the Trevor is Johnny's father crap. Johnny teaming up with Jason is out there once again as well as Jason's secret son. Why oh why must we have all these secret sons running all over town? Keep your salt boulders handy as this MAY be Fanfic. RUMORS say that Johnny turns to Lulu with the news that he's not really a Zacchara and Lulu spills the beans about Jake.

JaSam stuff... they will be on the docks together. An explosion and a shootout. Sam will also be at Jason's penthouse. It's their time at the penthouse that has them talking about the daughter Sam lost. She'll go to visit her grave. Will Sam also fill Jason in on her "undercover investigation?" Sorry, that was dumb yesterday. It looks like Sam will be telling Jason all she knows about Karpov and his dealings.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Nadine knocked up? That was fast. What goes along with this is that there were RUMBLINGS that Nadine would get some family brought to Port Chuck. There is some TALK that Kate MAY not be around much longer.

Be sure to check the comments... I answered some questions yesterday.

Shocker right? Something is blowing up on GH in the month of November. I have always said though that Guza does Sweeps like no other. I'm hoping it still holds true.

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Is Guza a fan of the fans? IMO, I don't think Guza is a fan of GH. If he was, we'd see it more in the writing but that's just my two cents. You all know I am not 100% against the mob... how can I be when Jason is my #1? BUT as a fan of this show, I know what's lacking, apparently there are still those who don't.

Scrubs Wedding... I'm sort of dreading it myself simply because I really have been enjoying Robin and Patrick more lately. No bickering over the same thing over and over again. They're actually happy and BOY OH BOY isn't that a novel concept on General Hospital. When is a couple ever really happy? Here comes the part where I dread it... that happiness is all coming to an end. Scrubs SHOULD still be solid but we have their wedding interruptus and then the delivery and all the aftermath. I'M OVER IT. Let someone on this show deliver their baby the normal way... family & friends anxiously awaiting the arrival, mommy & daddy in bliss. How about you let a couple be happy for more than four seconds? Please!

Which brings me to Liason... do I think the fans should give up hope? HELL NO but I wouldn't be shocked if you all walked away. All I can tell you is there are RUMBLINGS that Sweeps has not been SPOILED correctly and things have been adjusted. One of these RUMORS says that Elizabeth's role in Sweeps is still hush hush.

Other news.... Maurice's contract may be a done deal.


MORE SCOOP... Claudia, Olivia and Kate all in one room together. The Doctors Drake ... well Drake and Hunter operate on ZaCrazy. Spencer Family Adventure... private plane. Does Nikolas have a jet?

Who said Spixie isn't a part of Sweeps? I haven't seen much about them during Sweeps but that doesn't mean they don't have a part. Most of PC SHOULD be affected by the explosions. Robin's medical stuff will definitely have Maxie's involvement and there SHOULD be some scenes with Spixie at GH.

IF certain RUMBLINGS are correct... Sweeps has not been fully SPOILED and some say not correctly SPOILED. Elizabeth will have a part of Sweeps... to what extent? I'm not sure but don't be surprised if her involvement is more towards the end. There are RUMORS that Jason is frantic over the woman he loves and someone compared it to one of my favorite Liason memories.

CALL IN... WRITE A LETTER... but as I mentioned yesterday, be adult about it. Mature, well spoken fans get noticed.

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