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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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How is it possible for Jax to buy Spoon Island? I would have thought the Cassadines owned it outright. And really Jax, what are you, twelve? He looked at your toy for five seconds, therefore you’re going to take all his toys from him?

Loved the Scrubs bridal/baby shower and I wondered why Maxie or Anna or any of the Qs weren’t there, but then I realized it was hospital friends only, which made sense. What I kept thinking throughout though, was that if the Scrubs wedding day isn’t 100% Scrubs wedding with absolutely zero mob involvement whatsoever, than I will be one very unhappy camper.

I knew Ric was more invested in them than she was. He looked really hurt when he walked away, like he realized that once again, he’s lost something that had the potential to be good.

Not a fan of Johnny’s but was it just me or was BB looking really good today. I’m thinking it was the haircut or something.

I so totally predicted that Trevor was the one writing those notes to Lulu.

They get released from jail, but they don’t go to a hotel to shower and change. No, they go back to the same bar so Luke can drink some more. My first question was why are they still there? But then I remembered that they’re still waiting for Edward to clear Luke’s name, which can’t happen soon enough. Get them back in PC and interacting with others.

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