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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 10.23.08


So yesterday I dropped in the comments a possible Sonny-Carly thing happening. I think the exact words were OH LORD PLEASE DON'T DO IT! They were clipped in that Fall Promo that has a lot of fans ticked off but from what I can tell it MAY not be as scandalous as that horrible Limo Sex. Memo to TPTB, learn from that previous mistake. According to RUMORS, Carly helps Sonny out of a situation. The former four time spouses are RUMORED to talk about their MOC.

Speaking of MOC...
it's still looking like Claudia and Sonny make that trip to wedded bliss. Will the MOC spark another Quad storyline. The CHATTER says it will. Sonny will be in love with Kate but married to the mob while not liking that his wife is sleeping with his brother. Despite her growing feelings for Ric, Claudia won't like her hubby in love with another.

Also dropped in the comments yesterday...I mentioned awhile ago that Laura finds out about the latest Mrs. Spencer. Guess who tells her?! Scotty!

JaSam... Were the reports of Baby McCall-Corinthos getting discussed by the former couple, false? According to some, Jason and Sam only talk Karpov. The anniversary of the baby's death is soon so it COULD be happening. Sam leaves Jason's and RUMORS say Jerry grabs her.


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Cody Paul Sighting... After Sam leaves the PH, Jason goes to his office and meets up with Cody.

Another Anniversary? The anniversary of Emily's death is coming and Nikolas is said to remember his lost love. There were RUMBLINGS of a Natalia Livingston return, could we be in store for some flashbacks?


Jerm... the hot mess is over but we still have the aftermath and Sam's determination to nail Jerry Jacks. Will Sweet Sam remember something about Mr. Craig from the MetroCourt Hostage Crisis?

Liason... don't give up just yet Liason fans. There are the RUMORED scenes before the Scrubs wedding. Will that be enough to hold the Liason faithful over? I hope so as RUMORS say there is more to come. Hang in there for Sweeps.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Who kills Jerry? Jason? Lucky searches for Sam. Health crisis for mother and daughter. Johnny goes to Lulu but it's too late, she's already gone on the family adventure.


HOLY FANFIC... We've already talked about the RUMORS that say Trevor is revealed to be Johnny's father. What if Maria wasn't his mother? The timing of events doesn't really add up but hey it's a slow day so here we go. The LATEST? Johnny's parents are Trevor and Claudia! I know, I know, you all called it before and then Claudia said she slept with Trevor and was shipped away. Johnny was around when daddy sent big sis packing. Like I said the timing doesn't add up but it's a soap, does anything ever add up?