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The Tornado That Snagged Belinda

No, a tornado didn't really come after our own Belinda, but All My Children's terrorizing tornado storyline has captured Belinda's attention, according to the latest edition of her column, View From The Recliner's Edge:


No, I haven't gone soft in the head (yet). I'm not ignoring the comical over use of the special effects CGI graphics. (Note to TPTB: Less is more. That's all I'm saying. Spread it thin.) When they weren't taking a good thing too far, the scenes were actually not bad. Having not watched the show for eons, I didn't have to compare it to the 1994 tornado (which some have said may have been better done without the CGI). I thought the references to the history during the event were a really nice touch, such as when they mentioned that Jenny was with Granny Martin in the storm shelter they built after the last storm. I love small pearls of history tossed in on top of the current stories because I feel that it helps the present story to resonate with viewers. More at the jump!

The daytime diva doesn't hold back with her analysis of the storyline that is an opus of sorts, announcing Charles Pratt's arrival and his plans to clean up the mess left by past regimes. While Belinda seems to be all for "Tornado Valley" and I'm all for a new writer putting his official stamp on a show, couldn't Pratt have simply done a "I'm back bitches" moment instead of the Lion King meets Wizard of Oz?

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